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  *藥* | 藥* | *藥
medicine / drug / substance used for a specific purpose (e.g. poisoning, explosion, fermenting) / CL: 種|种, , / to poison
medicaments / pharmaceuticals / medication / medicine / drug
medical care and medicines / medicine (drug) / medical / pharmaceutical
medicaments / medicine / drug
(traditional) Chinese medicine / CL: , 種|种
pharmacy / dispensary
agricultural chemical / farm chemical / pesticide
medicine / medicament / drug / chemical compound
medicinal use / pharmaceutical
medicinal ingredient
pharmacy / drugstore
Yaksu in North Korea, near the border with Liaoning and Jiling province
medicine in liquid form / bottled medicine / lotion
to take medicine
medicinal cuisine
herbal medicine
drugs ban (e.g. for athletes)
medicinal value
Dioscorea polystachya / yam
to prescribe medicine / to poison / to slip a drug (into sb's drink etc)
to take medicine
legendary magic potion of immortals / panacea / fig. wonder solution to a problem
biopharmaceutical / drug produced by biotechnology
pill / CL:
lit. to prescribe the right medicine for an illness (idiom); fig. to study a problem to find the right way to solve it / to take appropriate steps
patent medicine / medicine already made up
Western medicine
sleeping pill / CL:
medicinal herb
knockout drops / incapacitating agent / Mickey Finn
painkiller / analgesic / anodyne
good medicine / panacea / fig. a good solution / a good remedy (e.g. to a social problem)
oral contraceptive
pharmaceutical industry
explosive (material)
drugstore / chemist / pharmacist
pharmaceutical company / drugs manufacturing factory
Chinese herbal medicine
smell of gunpowder / (fig.) combative tone / belligerence
drug resistance (medicine)
eye drops / eye lotion
(China) Food and Drug Administration
antihypertensive drug
effective medicine for a specific condition / highly effective medicine
lit. no antidote is possible (idiom); incurable / incorrigible / beyond redemption
medicine bottle
to use in medicine
tisane / decoction (Chinese medicine)
without agricultural chemicals / pesticide-free
to take (illegal) drugs
Chinese peony (Paeonia lactiflora) / common herbaceous peony / peony used in TCM
effective cure, miracle medicine (idiom); fig. wonder-cure for all problems / panacea / elixir
prepared prescription (Chinese medicine)
to dispense (drugs) / to prescribe
a (medicine) pill or tablet / CL:
herbal plaster applied to a wound
medicine for colds
myrrh (Commiphora myrrha)
fake drugs
different broth but the same old medicine (idiom); a change in name only / a change in form but not in substance
anti-inflammatory medicine
to make up a prescription (of herbal medicine)
Medicine Buddha (Sanskrit: Bhaisajyaguru)
anther (pollen sack on stamen)
medical abortion
antipyretic (drug to reduce fever, such as sulfanilamide)
(lit.) to have taken the wrong medicine / (fig.) (of one's behavior etc) different than usual / abnormal
drug-resistance (of a pathogen)
anesthetic / narcotic / chloroform
legendary magic potion of immortals / panacea / fig. wonder solution to a problem
Healing sutra / Bhaisajyaguru sutra
Beijing University of Chinese Medicine
pharmaceutical company
to decoct medicinal herbs
lit. food and medicine come from the same source (idiom) / fig. there is no clear-cut distinction between food and medicine
to prescribe medicine
over-the-counter drug
hallucinogen / psychedelic drug
dogskin plaster, used in TCM for treating contusions, rheumatism etc / quack medicine / sham goods
medicinal dietary supplement that helps build up one's health
ammunition dump
lit. the disease is cured the moment the medicine is taken (idiom) / fig. (of a medical treatment) to give instant results / (of a solution or method) highly effective
medical science
drugs test (e.g. on athletes)
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