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hero / CL: 個|个
heroic / gallant / valiant
wise / brilliant
English (language)
English (language)
United Kingdom 聯合王國|联合王国 / United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland / abbr. for England 英格蘭|英格兰
English Language Teaching (ELT) / studying and teaching English
  *英* | 英* | *英
United Kingdom / British / England / English / abbr. for 英國|英国
  *英* | 英* | *英
hero / outstanding / excellent / (literary) flower / blossom
Sino-British / Chinese-English
cream / elite / essence / quintessence
General English Proficiency Test (GEPT), commissioned by Taiwan's Ministry of Education in 1999
Tsai Ing-wen (1956-), Taiwanese DPP politician, president of the Republic of China from 2016
pound sterling
Ma Ying-jeou (1950-), Taiwanese Kuomintang politician, Mayor of Taipei 1998-2006, president of Republic of China 2008-2016
dandelion (Taraxacum mongolicum)
English translation
Premier League / England Premier Soccer League
mile (unit of length equal to 1.609 km)
foot (unit of length equal to 0.3048 m)
League of Legends (video game)
spirit of a martyr / spirit of the brave departed / person of remarkable talent
inch (unit of length equal to 2.54 cm.)
assemblage of talented individuals / ensemble of heroes
Law Kar-Ying (1946-), Hong Kong actor
The Butterfly Lovers, Chinese folktale of the tragic love between Liang Shanbo and Zhu Yingtai
Legend of the Condor Heroes, wuxia (武侠, martial arts chivalry) novel by Jin Yong 金庸 and its screen adaptations
Chinese English parallel texts
US and UK / Anglo-American
anglophone / English department
distinguished gathering / a meeting of heroes
the prime of one's life / youthful years
British Museum
Wang Ying (character in the "Water Margin")
British person / British people
Perseus (constellation)
British Commonwealth of Nations
England (historical loan, from English)
square foot (unit of area equal to 0.093 m²)
Xiuying district of Haikou city 海口市, Hainan
English corner / spoken English practice group
British Broadcasting Corporation / BBC
Anglo-German / England and Germany
Yingde, city in Guangdong
lit. heroes usually agree (idiom); Great minds think alike.
British army
Daying county in Suining 遂寧|遂宁, Sichuan / Great Britain
Henry Ying-tung Fok (1913-2006), Hong Kong tycoon with close PRC connections
British colonial administration of Hong Kong 1837-1941 and 1945-1997
Mu Guiying, female warrior and heroine of the Yang Saga 楊家將|杨家将
LinkedIn (professional networking website)
Yingzong, Temple name of sixth and eighth Ming emperor Zhengtong 正統|正统
unnamed hero
British Empire
Chinese-English parallel texts
The Gallant Maid, novel by Manchu-born Qing dynasty writer 文康
New England
variant of 因特網|因特网, Internet
British Virgin Islands
NVIDIA, computer graphics card company
heroic spirit
to die an untimely death (idiom) / to be cut off in one's prime
British Columbia, Pacific province of Canada
British Commonwealth of Nations (Tw)
heroic rescue of a damsel in distress
(of a person) valiant and formidable-looking / to carry oneself tall
England premier soccer league
quartz clock
Finest Blossoms in the Garden of Literature, Song dynasty collection of poetry, odes, songs and writings compiled during 982-986 under Li Fang 李昉, Xu Xuan 徐鉉|徐铉, Song Bai 宋白 and Su Yijian 蘇易簡|苏易简, 1000 scrolls
soldierly / martial (appearance)
even heroes have a weakness for the charms of a beautiful woman (idiom)
British imperial ounce (old)
Xiuying district of Haikou city 海口市, Hainan
English Channel
dioxin / also written 二惡英|二恶英
heroin (narcotic) (loanword)
a hero with no chance of using his might / to have no opportunity to display one's talents
to heroically sacrifice one's life
stone (British unit of mass equal to 14 pounds (about 6.3 kilograms))
ornamental limestone rock (供石) from Yingde 英德, Guangdong
British Petroleum, BP
Yingshan county in Huanggang 黃岡|黄冈, Hubei
Bank of England
British Council
muscovite, mica (used in TCM) / Muscovitum
solitary hero / maverick

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