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to conduct / to hold
to report (an offense to the authorities) / to inform against sb
to hold (a meeting, ceremony etc)
to elect / election / CL: , 個|个
to report (malefactors to the police) / to denounce
  *舉* | 舉* | *舉
to lift / to hold up / to cite / to enumerate / to act / to raise / to choose / to elect / act / move / deed
to give an example
act / action / activity / move / movement
a list / to list / to enumerate
to play a critical role (idiom) / influential
to receive worldwide attention
easy / with no difficulty
to raise a hand / to put up one's hand (as signal)
to cooperate on a great undertaking or joint project
to expose (e.g., wrongdoing) / to accuse (in court) / to impeach / to denounce
too numerous to mention individually or one by one
Election Committee (Hong Kong)
for example
informer / snitch
to lift weights / weight-lifting (sports)
a move / an action / in one move / at a stroke / in one go
such things as ... / examples including ... (etc) / without exception / every / any
to move / to act / action / decision / conduct / manner
to heave / to lift / to raise up / to uphold
(do sth) on a large scale
to offer evidence
to lift up / to hold high
to elect / to choose / press (weightlifting technique)
presidential election
to raise a loan / to borrow money
to develop simultaneously / to undertake concurrently
pioneering work
bearing / manner / mien
one's every movement (idiom) / comportment / gestures
every movement / each and every move
one move, two gains (idiom); two birds with one stone
graduate / successful candidate in the imperial provincial examination
imperial examination
to lift sth up / to elevate sb / to honor sb (with compliments, gifts, promotions etc) / to show great regard / to speak highly
voter / elector
imperial examinations (in former times)
legislative elections
the entire country
clean and jerk (weightlifting technique)
to make progress only with great difficulty (idiom)
magnificent feat / impressive feat / heroic undertaking / heroic attempt
throughout the world / world ranking (e.g. first)
success at one go / to succeed at the first attempt
to toast sb (with wine etc) / to drink a toast
multiparty election
to select the best (for a job)
successful military candidate in the imperial provincial examination
public election
lit. to lift the tray to eyebrow level (idiom); mutual respect in a marriage
world-famous (idiom)
the whole family
to look / to raise one's eyes
to propose (for a job) / to nominate / to recommend
to do more than is required (idiom); superfluous / gilding the lily
lit. the exertion of lifting one's hand (idiom) / fig. a very slight effort
to act blindly without thinking (idiom)
unrivaled (idiom); world number one / unique / unequaled
sensible act
to pass the provincial level imperial examination
to recommend
(literary) to move forward
to hesitate over what move to make (idiom); to waver / to shilly-shally
to sit for imperial examinations
snatch (weightlifting technique)
fail to appreciate sb's kindness / not know how to appreciate favors
some cases picked out as example / to highlight
to astonish people (with a miraculous feat)
a salute / hands raised
to enumerate
Geju (Tibetan: transmit word of Buddha) sect of Tibetan Buddhist
direct election
the entire nation / the whole country, from the leadership to the rank and file
to look up and see no-one familiar (idiom); not having anyone to rely on / without a friend in the world
great feat / splendid achievement
grand event / magnificent undertaking
every little move / every single movement
(literary) to light a fire
many things waiting to be done (idiom) / a thousand things to do
move / measure / step (to some end)
election court
Electoral College (of the United States)
to lift up / (fig.) to put on display / to set forth / to expound
competitive election (i.e. with more candidates than seats)
Electoral College (of the United States)
indirect election
preparatory literary studies for imperial examination
to cooperate in a charity project
non-competitive election (i.e. with as many candidates as there are seats) / single-candidate election
imperial examination system
to raise one and infer three / to deduce many things from one case (idiom)
if you lift the headrope the meshes spread open (idiom) / take care of the big things and the little things will take care of themselves / (of a piece of writing) well-structured and ordered
win or lose, it all ends here / this is the moment to shine

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