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  *臺* | 臺* | *臺
platform / stage / terrace / stand / support / station / broadcasting station / classifier for vehicles or machines
transmitter-receiver / broadcasting station / radio station / CL: 個|个,
steps / flight of steps / step (over obstacle) / fig. way out of an embarrassing situation / bench (geology)
balcony / porch
variant of 櫃檯|柜台
stage presence, poise
Taibei or Taipei, capital of Taiwan
Taizhong or Taichung city in central Taiwan
Taibei or Taipei, capital of Taiwan
Tainan city in Tainan county 臺南縣|台南县, Taiwan
  *臺* | 臺* | *臺
Taiwan (abbr.)
Taichung city in central Taiwan
platform / terrace / flat-roofed building
National Taiwan University / abbr. to 臺大|台大
Taitung County in southeast Taiwan
to officially launch (a policy, program etc) / to appear on stage / to appear publicly / (of a bar girl) to leave with a client
National Taipei University of Technology
to visit Taiwan (esp. from PRC)
radio station / broadcasting station / CL: 個|个,
Taiwan province (PRC term)
balcony / patio / flat roof / terrace / deck (unroofed platform) / outdoor stage / ancient imperial celestial observation terrace
Taipei county in north Taiwan (now renamed 新北市)
Taichung or Taizhong county in central Taiwan
multi-platform (computing)
this radio station
television station / CL: 個|个
abbr. for 台灣海峽|台湾海峡, Taiwan Strait
railway platform
stage / arena / fig. in the limelight
Tainan county in south Taiwan
Shitai county in Chizhou 池州, Anhui
Radio Taiwan International (RTI)
service desk / information desk / reception desk
display counter / stand / booth
Hong Kong and Taiwan
Wutai city and county in Xinzhou 忻州, Shanxi
desktop computer
Hong Kong 香港, Macao 澳門|澳门 and Taiwan 臺灣|台湾
to go off the stage / to fall from position of prestige / to step down (from office etc) / to disentangle oneself / to get off the hook
on stage
stage / proscenium / foreground in politics etc (sometimes derog.) / front desk / reception desk / (computing) front-end / foreground
to go to Taiwan / refers to those who left China for Taiwan before the founding of PRC in 1949
start of play / opening of theatrical performance
Taiwan media
control desk / console
China and Taiwan
an actor's lines / dialogue / Taiwanese word
to return to Taiwan
Taiwan Island
to fall from power / to collapse / demise
tableland / mesa
genre of song-and-dance duet popular in Inner Mongolia
stylobate (architecture)
Taixi or Taihsi township in Yunlin county 雲林縣|云林县, Taiwan
balcony / high building (esp. in poetry) / tower
unspoken dialogue in a play, left for the audience to infer / subtext / (fig.) implicit assertion
flower bed / flower terrace / flower stand
elevated stage on which martial competitions or duels were held / arena / ring
PRC state council office for Taiwan affairs, abbr. for 國務院台灣事務辦公室|国务院台湾事务办公室
window sill / window ledge
Wutai township in Pingtung County 屏東縣|屏东县, Taiwan
Chinese Taipei, name for Taiwan to which the PRC and Taiwan agreed for the purpose of participation in international events
street name in ancient Chang'an synonymous with brothel area / red-light district
to be put on the spot / to find oneself in an awkward situation
Blue House (Cheong Wa Dae), residence of the president of South Korea in Seoul
diving platform / diving tower / landing platform
(theater) to dismantle the stage / (fig.) to pull the rug out from under sb's feet / to undermine sb's plans
platform / stand
to extricate oneself / way out
platform / podium / rostrum / lectern / (teacher's) desk
Mt Wutai in Shanxi 山西, one of the Four Sacred Mountains and home of the Bodhimanda of Manjushri 文殊
Jintai District of Baoji City 寶雞市|宝鸡市, Shaanxi
software platform
candlestick / candle holder
(Ming and Qing dynasties) daotai (title for an official responsible for supervising a circuit ), aka taotai and circuit intendant
Diaoyu Islands, located between Taiwan and Okinawa, controlled by Japan – which calls them the Senkaku Islands – but claimed by China as part of its territory
Taixi or Taihsi township in Yunlin county 雲林縣|云林县, Taiwan
pavilions and kiosks (in Chinese gardens)
to overthrow / downfall / to fall from power / to go bankrupt
observation tower / lookout tower
Sendai, capital of Miyagi prefecture 宮城縣|宫城县 in northeast Japan
to work as a hostess in a bar or KTV
Yintai District of Tongchuan City 銅川市|铜川市, Shaanxi
ink pad / stamp pad
Yuhuatai district of Nanjing City 南京市 in Jiangsu 江蘇|江苏
Tainan Prefecture, a prefecture of Taiwan under Qing rule
to be unable to extricate oneself gracefully / to be put on the spot / to be embarrassed
signal station
table fan / desk fan
stove top / hob
Maotai town in Renhuai county, Guizhou / Maotai liquor 茅臺酒|茅台酒
(coll.) to fall through / to result in failure / (of a relationship) to break up
to visit Taiwan
those who left China for Taiwan before the founding of PRC in 1949
to visit Taiwan
Taiwan compatriot

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