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chancellor (of a monarchy) / cabinet minister
  *臣* | 臣* | *臣
surname Chen
  *臣* | 臣* | *臣
state official or subject in dynastic China / I, your servant (used in addressing the sovereign) / Kangxi radical 131
to acknowledge allegiance to (some regime) / to serve
this small official / humble servant
Chechnya, a republic in southwestern Russia / Chechen
(literary) I, your servant (self-appellation of a lower-rank female) / (archaic) male and female slaves / subjects (of a ruler)
official in feudal court / subject
a ruler and his ministers (old)
minister who has given outstanding service
outstanding founding minister (title given to reward loyal general or vassal of new dynasty or state)
rebels and traitors (idiom) / general term for scoundrel
important official or statesman (in feudal China)
official in charge of public records
emperor's favorite courtier
Foreign Secretary / (UK) Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs
a treacherous court official / a minister who conspires against the state
TOYOTOMI Hideyoshi (1536-1598), Japanese warlord, undisputed ruler of Japan 1590-1598
formal title of the Japanese prime minister
counselor of king or feudal warlord / henchman
faithful official
court official (in former times)
imperial strategic adviser / expert on strategy
civilian court official (in former times)
member of a monarch's inner ministerial circle (old)
minister of defense (esp. in Japan)
to have reached the highest official positions
important minister / major figure in government
official in feudal court / subject
Wu Renchen (1628-1689), Qing dynasty polymath and historian, author of History of Ten States of South China 十國春秋|十国春秋
official in feudal court / subject
court councilor
subject (of a kingdom, ruler etc)
finance minister / UK chancellor of exchequer
rebellious minister
finance minister
favored minister
official who dares speak frankly before the emperor
turncoat official
an official (in former times)
minister not afraid to give forthright criticism
strategic experts and powerful generals (idiom)
strategic experts as thick as rain (idiom); no shortage of advisers on strategy
powerful official / big shot
strategic experts and powerful generals (idiom)
chancellor (rank in various European states) / grand chancellor
lit. fish bone of a minister (idiom); fig. person one can rely on for candid criticism
to bow before (idiom) / to capitulate
Yi Sunshin (1545-1598), Korean admiral and folk hero, famous for sea victories over the Japanese invaders
new emperor, new officials (idiom) / a new chief brings in new aides
One has the right to choose the ruler one serves. (ancient proverb)
Minister of Navy during Qing times

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