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background / backdrop / context / (fig.) powerful backer / CL: 種|种
  *背* | 背* | *背
to be burdened / to carry on the back or shoulder
  *背* | 背* | *背
the back of a body or object / to turn one's back / to hide something from / to learn by heart / to recite from memory / unlucky (slang) / hard of hearing
knapsack / rucksack / infantry pack / field pack / blanket roll / CL: 個|个
sleeveless garment (vest, waistcoat, singlet, tank top etc) / CL:
behind / at the back / in the rear / behind sb's back
the back (human anatomy) / the back part of sth
braces / suspenders / sling (for a rifle) / straps (for a knapsack)
back (rear part of the torso) / back (the area of a vertebrate animal's body on either side of the backbone) / (anatomy) dorsum
  *揹* | 揹* | *揹
variant of
background music (BGM) / soundtrack / musical setting
to betray
the back / the reverse side / the wrong side
historical background
rear view / figure seen from behind / view of the back (of a person or object)
to repeat a lesson / to learn by heart / to endorse a check
the back of a chair
to go against / to be contrary to / to violate
the back of the human body
to be in a poor light / to do sth with one's back to the light / to stand in one's own light
to bear / to carry on one's back / to shoulder
educational background
panel / back panel
to recite / to repeat from memory
to depart from / to deviate from / deviation
hunchbacked / stooping / hunchback
backpack / knapsack / rucksack
back of the hand
Lunbei or Lunpei township in Yunlin county 雲林縣|云林县, Taiwan
German shepherd
bad luck
instep (upper surface of the foot)
lit. fight with one's back to the river (idiom); fig. to fight to win or die
halterneck / backless (garment)
high-back chair
back to back
abandon / desert / renounce
contrary / opposite
back of a tiger and waist of a bear / tough and stocky build
to be made a scapegoat / to be unjustly blamed
camisole (women's garment)
harness pad (on draft animal)
to serve as a sacrificial victim / to suffer for sb else / scapegoat / to share sb's fate
Lunbei or Lunpei township in Yunlin county 雲林縣|云林县, Taiwan
to sweat profusely (idiom) / drenched in sweat
with one's hands clasped behind one's back
dorsal fin
to violate / to go against
back of the knife
to leave one's homeplace (to find work, flee disaster etc)
to break faith
secretly / in private / behind someone's back
to know by heart (so well that you can recite it backwards)
with back to the mountain (favored location)
behind sb's back
to leave one's native place, esp. against one's will (idiom)
arms around each other's shoulders (idiom)
to support or oppose
to be hearing impaired
breaking faith and abandoning right (idiom); to betray / treachery / perfidy
to have bad luck
slouch / stoop / poor posture
(slang) (usu. of a woman) sb who looks stunning from behind / sb who has a great figure but not necessarily an attractive face / abbr. to 背殺|背杀
background blurring (photography)
a basket carried on the back
back to back
back-knocking massage
to massage sb's back by pounding it lightly with one's fists
(slang) (usu. of a woman) sb who looks stunning from behind / sb who has a great figure but not necessarily an attractive face / abbr. for 背影殺手|背影杀手
(lit.) chest sticking to back / (fig.) famished / (of several persons) packed chest to back
outdated / out of luck
feeling brambles and thorns in one's back (idiom) / uneasy and nervous / to be on pins and needles
swept-back hairstyle
Brokeback Mountain, 2005 English-language film by Ang Lee 李安
homosexual (a reference to Brokeback Mountain 斷背山|断背山, a 2005 movie about a same-sex relationship)
in the shade / shady
to break an agreement / to go back on one's word / to fail to keep one's promise
latissimus dorsi muscle (back of the chest)
face to the ground, back to the sky
to turn away / to turn one's back to / (gymnastics etc) backspin
to be in debt / to be saddled with debts
(dialect) to be out of luck
redback spider
to pass away (lit., of the older generation) / to be orphaned
split-leaf philodendron / Monstera deliciosa
to turn one's back / to turn around / fig. change in a very short time
to hunch over / to stoop / to arch one's back (upward)
to have one's back against / to lean against / to be backed up by (a mountain etc)
erhua variant of 走背字
to have sex with a prostitute
to mount a picture / also written 裱褙
erhua variant of 背影
to have a weight on one's mind / to take on a mental burden

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