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  *聯* | 聯* | *聯
to ally / to unite / to join / (poetry) antithetical couplet
to get in touch with / to contact / to stay in contact (with) / liaison / (math.) connection
to combine / to join / unite / alliance
alliance / union / coalition
connection / contact / relation / to get in touch with / to integrate / to link / to touch
network / cyber-
jointly (signed, declared, sponsored)
variant of 連號|连号
to continue in a post / (to hold a post) several times in succession / (to win a title) in successive years / to stay at number one / to defend a championship
United Daily News, Taiwan newspaper
related / linked / affiliated
federal / federation / commonwealth / federal union / federal state / union
friendship / fellowship
association / club / society / party / get-together
lit. to join hands / to act together
United Nations
abbr. for 聯合國大會|联合国大会, United Nations General Assembly / abbr. for 國立西南聯合大學|国立西南联合大学, National Southwest Combined University
Manchester United Football Club
(sports) league / league tournament
to establish ties or contact / in series connection (electricity)
contact details
to associate (cognitively) / to make an associative connection / mental association / word prediction and auto-complete functions of input method editing programs
Soviet Union, 1922-1991 / abbr. for Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (USSR) 蘇維埃社會主義共和國聯盟|苏维埃社会主义共和国联盟
to bind / to tie / to link
UnionPay / CUP
rhyming couplet / pair of lines of verse written vertically down the sides of a doorway / CL: ,
Spring Festival couplet (the first line of which is pasted on the right side of a doorway at New Year, and the second on the left side)
United Arab Emirates / abbr. for 阿拉伯联合酋长国
European Union (EU)
Associated Press (AP) / abbr. for 美國聯合通訊社|美国聯合通訊社
through transport / through traffic jointly organized by different enterprises
contact (person)
to broadcast over a network / (radio or TV) hookup / simulcast
Allianz, German financial service company
joint signatures (on a letter or declaration)
abbr. for 國際聯盟|国际联盟, League of Nations (1920-1946), based in Geneva, precursor of the UN
parallel connection
to lose contact / to be lost
variant of 聯繫|联系
China United Telecommunications Corporation / aka China Unicom or Unicom / abbr. for 中國聯通|中国联通
connection / link / to link together
China UnionPay (CUP), China's only domestic bank card organization
joint venture / under joint management
contact book
to interact / interrelated
joint declaration
China Unicom
online / network / to connect online / to connect an electronic device to another device
(mechanics) coupler / coupling
Asian Football Confederation / abbr. for 亞洲足球聯合會|亚洲足球联合会
variant of 牽連|牵连
elegiac couplet
to be connected / to be related
(sports) superleague
Avengers (comics)
abbr. for 民主建港協進聯盟|民主建港协进联盟, Democratic alliance for the betterment of Hong Kong (DAB), Hong Kong pro-Beijing party
to have a get-together / celebration / party
chain reaction (chemistry)
variant of 連接|连接
wing (of an air force) / sports team representing a combination of entities (e.g. United Korea)
federal government
American Federal Reserve
Emirates (airline)
joint conference
(Tw) 18-wheeler / big rig / semi-trailer
United Arab Emirates (Tw)
cascade / cascading
co-production / cooperative production
UNESCO, United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization
joint statement / joint announcement
related to / concerning / to be correlated
to join an alliance / admission to the United Nations
social gathering / party
jointly / as a group / together
US Federal Reserve (Fed), the US central bank
joint guarantee (finance, law)
British Commonwealth of Nations
Joint Publishing, bookstore chain and publisher, founded in Hong Kong in 1948
related by marriage / to connect by marriage (families, work units)
Soyuz (union), Russian spacecraft series
Russian Federation, RSFSR
China United Airlines, abbr. for 中國聯合航空|中国联合航空
former Soviet Union
related company / affiliate
entrance examination
abbr. for 中國文學藝術界聯合會|中国文学艺术界联合会, China Federation of Literary and Art Circles (CFLAC)
United Arab Emirates (UAE)
Yonhap (South Korean news agency)
combine / harvester
Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI)
abbr. for 國際足球聯合會|国际足球联合会, FIFA, international federation of football associations
liaison officer
coalition government

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