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ear / CL: 隻|只, 個|个, 對|对 / handle (on a cup)
headphones / earphones / telephone receiver
Turkish (language)
  *耳* | 耳* | *耳
ear / handle (archaeology) / and that is all (Classical Chinese)
the walls have ears (idiom)
Auricularia auricula-judae, an edible fungus
auriculotherapy (ear acupuncture)
First book of Samuel
white fungus (Tremella fuciformis) / snow fungus
edible tree fungus / CL:
earplug / earphone
ear thermometer
earmuff / CL:
a slap on the face / CL: 記|记
to fool people (idiom) / to pull the wool over people's eyes
base of the ear / ear / (Buddhism) sense of hearing
white fungus (Tremella fuciformis) / silver tree-ear fungus
sb with preternaturally good hearing (in fiction) / fig. a well-informed person
hearing ability
a Turk / Turkish person
what's frequently heard can be repeated in detail (idiom)
earwax / cerumen
Second book of Samuel
headphones / earphones
sweet-sounding / beautiful (of sound)
a pleasant change / a breath of fresh air / refreshing
words still ringing in one's ears (idiom)
(men) sideburns / (women) lengths of hair that hang down over the temples
robust and prosperous (a compliment in former times) / fat person (modern)
tab (of a web browser)
whispering in sb's ear
snow fungus (Tremella fuciformis) / white fungus
pierced ear
to approach sb's ear (to whisper)
to whisper in sb's ear / a whisper
stud earring
joule (loanword)
eardrum / tympanum (of the middle ear) / tympanic membrane
inner ear
to sound familiar / familiar-sounding
to bend an ear (to) / to listen
(of sound) to never stop / to fall incessantly on the ear / to linger on
(chemistry) mole (loanword) (Tw)
tipsy and merry (idiom)
(coll.) a slap on one's face / a cuff
lit. wind past your ear / fig. sth you don't pay much attention to / in one ear and out the other
loyal advice jars on the ears (idiom)
earpick / curette
with one's own ears
earplug / earwax
to block one's ears and not listen (idiom); to turn a deaf ear
to prick up one's ears / to strain to hear sth
lit. like thunder piercing the ear / a well-known reputation (idiom)
to give sincere advice (idiom) / to exhort earnestly
Ear Care Day (March 3)
to be hearing impaired
lit. to cover one's ears whilst stealing a bell / to deceive oneself / to bury one's head in the sand (idiom)
inflammation of middle ear / otitis media
eardrum / tympanum (of the middle ear) / tympanic membrane
to listen with respectful attention / (a polite request to sb to speak) / we are all ears
Lao Zi
Turkish döner kebab
(coll.) to whisper in sb's ear
turquoise (gemstone) (loanword)
eyes and ears / sb's attention or notice / information / knowledge / spies
pleasing to the ear
to hear of / to hear about
sharp ears and keen eyes (idiom) / keen and alert / perceptive
lit. wind past your ear / fig. sth you don't pay much attention to / in one ear and out the other
to pay no attention to outside matters
jug ears / jug-eared
to prick up one's ear / to listen attentively
lit. to treat (what sb says) as wind past your ear / fig. to completely disregard
Take what you hear to be false, only believe it when you see it (idiom). Don't believe what people tell you until you see if for yourself. / It ain't necessarily so.
Siberian cocklebur (botany)
cochlear implant
outer ear
unpleasant to hear / grates on the ear (of home truths)
middle ear
loan shark / usurer
Nie Er (1912-1935), musician and composer of the PRC national anthem March of the Volunteer Army 義勇軍進行曲|义勇军进行曲
lit. to treat (what sb says) as wind past your ear / fig. to completely disregard
(bird species of China) red-whiskered bulbul (Pycnonotus jocosus)
bowed head and ears glued (idiom); docile and obedient / at sb's beck and call
ear dirt / common word for earwax 耵聹|耵聍

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