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sponge (zoology) / sponge (piece of absorbent material, either natural or made from plastic etc) / foam rubber
SpongeBob SquarePants (US TV animated series, 1999-)
  *綿* | 綿* | *綿
silk floss / continuous / soft / weak / mild-mannered (dialect)
continuous / uninterrupted
detailed / meticulous / fine and careful
Mianyang prefecture level city in Sichuan
touching (emotions) / lingering (illness)
continuous (esp. of mountain ranges) / to stretch long and unbroken / a continuous link / sostenuto (sustained, in music)
soft / velvety / flabby / weak / schmaltzy
long and continuous (coastline, sound etc) / extensive / prolonged
erectile tissue (genital) / corpus cavernosum
Mianyang prefecture level city in north Sichuan, Sichuan's second city
(dial.) silk floss
to extend continuously
(of a person) sad beyond words (idiom) / (of music, literature etc) poignant / very sentimental
my humble effort / my meager contribution (humble)
continuous / endless
silk floss / down
one's limited power (humble expr.)
continuous / unbroken / uninterrupted / extending forever into the distance (of mountain range, river etc)
Mianzhu county level city in Deyang 德陽|德阳, Sichuan
  *緜* | 緜* | *緜
old variant of 綿|绵 / cotton
to stretch in an unbroken chain (esp. of mountains)
Mianzhu county level city in Deyang 德陽|德阳, Sichuan
rough-textured fabric of waste silk
continuous / uninterrupted
good luck and long life
far back in time / faraway / remote
bovine spongiform encephalopathy, BSE / mad cow disease
variant of 連綿|连绵
lit. a needle concealed in silk floss (idiom) / fig. ruthless character behind a gentle appearance / a wolf in sheep's clothing / an iron fist in a velvet glove
Mianzhu county in Deying 德阳 prefecture, Sichuan
to cling without letting go / to pester without end / to cling lovingly to each other
two-syllable word featuring alliteration or rhyme, such as 玲瓏|玲珑
Mianyang prefecture in north Sichuan around Mianyang, Sichuan's second city
variant of 綿連|绵连
critically ill
sugar powder

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