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  *紅* | 紅* | *紅
surname Hong
  *紅* | 紅* | *紅
red / popular / revolutionary / bonus
red (color) / revolutionary
red card (sports)
Hung Hom, a locality in Kowloon, Hong Kong
azuki bean / red bean
bonus / dividend
infrared (ray)
Internet celebrity
black tea / CL: , 壺|壶
money wrapped in red as a gift / bonus payment / kickback / bribe
red autumnal leaves
red light
infrared ray
traffic light / traffic signal
rouge (cosmetics)
jujube / red date
red line
fiery / blazing
to redden
carrot / radish
dividend / to award a bonus
currently popular (of movie stars, singers etc)
A Dream of Red Mansions (first completed edition 1791) by Cao Xueqin 曹雪芹, one of the four great novels
red-light district
(economics) bonus stock or share, i.e. share issued fully or partly paid to an existing shareholder in a company, generally on a pro rata basis
heart ♥ (in card games) / red, heart-shaped symbol / bullseye
a beautiful woman / young beauties / youths / rosy cheeks
Little Red Riding Hood
to be a big hit / to be hugely popular
simmer-fried (dish)
mangrove forest or swamp
Red Bull (energy drink)
red-purple / mauve / prune (color) / claret
safflower (Carthamus tinctorius)
red carpet
inflamed / red and swollen
to be popular / to be in luck / to have good luck / to develop smoothly
Red flag city district / Hongqi district of Xinxiang city 新鄉市|新乡市, Henan
red flag / CL:
Honggang district of Daqing city 大慶|大庆, Heilongjiang
home run (loanword) / a big hit (hugely popular) (Tw)
"honker", Chinese hacker motivated by patriotism, using one's skills to protect domestic networks and work in national interest
(of a stock price or market index) currently higher than at the previous day's close
to blush / to redden (with shame, indignation etc)
printing portions of a page (e.g. a banner headline) in red (or other color)
rouge and powder / (fig.) the fair sex
heat until red
orange (color) / orange peel (used in TCM)
haw fruit
the world of mortals (Buddhism) / human society / worldly affairs
Red Army (1928-1937), predecessor of the PLA / (Soviet) Red Army (1917-1946)
(coll.) to bleed (esp. vaginal bleeding) / to suffer a financial loss
to turn red / to blush / to flush
hot red pepper / chili
(Interpol) red notice / abbr. for 紅色通緝令|红色通缉令
red lotus
tomato / CL: 隻|只
Red Cross
to run a red light / failing to stop at a red traffic light / (slang) to have sex with a girl while she is menstruating
sweet potato
young Chinese cyber-nationalists
copper (chemistry) / see also 銅|铜
dark brown sugar / molasses
red wood / mahogany / rosewood / padauk
to blush / to redden / flushed
Red Sea
red shift (astronomy)
red braised pork
ruddy / rosy / florid
bright red
scarlet / bright red
(of a store) to open for business for the first time in the New Year / (of a business) to be profitable / (of a stock market) to rise / (sport) to win one's first match of a competition
red soil / laterite
flowers on red silk (a traditional gift to celebrate weddings etc) / a bonus / crab apple (Malus asiatica)
kind of Chinese wine
red chip stocks (Chinese company stocks incorporated outside mainland China and listed in the Hong Kong stock exchange)
Boston Red Sox (baseball) team
to blush / to turn red
erythrocyte / red blood cell
success across the board / victory in everything one touches
fire ant (Solenopsis invicta), an introduced species in China
Honghua district of Zunyi city 遵義市|遵义市, Guizhou
Red Devils, nickname of Manchester United Football Club
reddish-gold (color)

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