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booking / reservation / to book / to make an appointment
  *約* | 約* | *約
to weigh in a balance or on a scale
  *約* | 約* | *約
to make an appointment / to invite / approximately / pact / treaty / to economize / to restrict / to reduce (a fraction) / concise
New York
treaty / contract
agreement / contract
approximately / probably
specially engaged / employed or commissioned for a special task
sketchy / concise / abbreviated
appointment / engagement / date / CL: , 個|个 / to arrange to meet
to sign a contract or agreement
to agree on sth (after discussion) / to conclude a bargain / to arrange / to promise / to stipulate / to make an appointment / stipulated (time, amount, quality etc) / an arrangement / a deal / appointment / undertaking / commitment / understanding / engagement / stipulation
John (name) / Johan (name) / Johann (name)
to invite / to make an appointment
to keep a promise / to honor an agreement
treaty / pact / CL: 個|个
convention (i.e. international agreement)
to renew or extend a contract
to agree (on a meeting place, date etc) / to reach agreement / to make an appointment
Old Testament
former agreement / former contract
to restrict / to limit to / to constrain / restriction / constraint
terms (of an agreement)
Joshua (name)
(slang) to hook up for a one night stand / booty call
to terminate an agreement / to cancel a contract
Saint John
New York state
Job (name) / Book of Job in the Old Testament
Gospel according to St John
to economize / to conserve (resources) / economy / frugal
New York Times (newspaper)
New Testament
New York City
Book of Job (in the Old Testament)
to break a promise / to violate an agreement / to default (on a loan or contract)
to restrict / to agree to a contract / offer / bid
movie contract
agreement between the residents of a , an administrative district under a city or town (Tw)
The New Yorker, US magazine / resident of New York
Book of Jonah
New Yorker
Ark of the Covenant
to keep an appointment
Joseph (name)
Book of Joel
New York University
about / around / approximately
First epistle of St John
to restrict / condition
Third epistle of St John
Rio de Janeiro
approximately / about (some numerical value)
Johnson or Johnston (name)
Book of Joshua
Joseph (name)
vague / faint / indistinct
NATO / abbr. for 北大西洋公約組織|北大西洋公约组织, North Atlantic Treaty Organization
to agree by chance (idiom); taking the same action without prior consultation
to arrange an interview / an appointment (with the foreign ambassador)
to break a promise / breach of contract
to make a contract
to assemble by agreement / to gather
graceful and subdued (style)
contract of alliance / oath or treaty between allies
Jurgen (name)
to bind / to restrict / to constrain
peace treaty
engagement / wedding contract
Second epistle of St John
approximately equal to
New York Stock Exchange (NYSE)
oath / vow / pledge / promise
futures contract (finance)
faint / distant / barely audible
Mayotte, island between NW Madagascar and Mozambique
Convention on the Rights of the Child (CRC)
Johannesburg, South Africa
approximate / rough
iota (Greek letter Ιι)
to miss an appointment
performance bond (international trade)
to miss an appointment
to conclude a treaty
Jehoshaphat, fourth king of Judah (Judaism)
to arrive as planned / right on schedule
Yorkshire (English region)
Treaty of Tianjin of 1858, a sequence of unequal treaties 不平等條約|不平等条约 between Russia, USA, England, France and Qing China
to keep an appointment / to keep one's word
Jordan River
North Atlantic Treaty Organization, NATO
partner for dating / a date (boyfriend or girlfriend)
unequal treaty

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