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to envelop / to shroud
  *籠* | 籠* | *籠
enclosing frame made of bamboo, wire etc / cage / basket / steamer basket / to cover / to cage / to embrace / to manipulate through trickery
  *籠* | 籠* | *籠
to cover / to cage / covering / also pr. [long2]
steamed dumpling
cage / basket / container
to steam again / to rewarm food in a bamboo steamer / to withdraw currency from circulation
general / broad / sweeping / lacking in detail / vague
cage used to hold or transport prisoners
cage / trap (e.g. basket, pit or snare for catching animals) / fig. bonds (of wrong ideas) / shackles (of past misconceptions) / to trap / to shackle
to coax / to beguile / to win over
(of food) to be taken out of the steamer / (fig.) (often used with 紛紛|纷纷) (of products, information etc) to appear / to emerge / to come out / (fig.) to dump / to inundate the market
bloomers / plus fours / knickerbockers
steamer basket (e.g. for dim sum)
bird cage / (fig.) prison / confinement
tropical pitcher plant (i.e. genus Nepenthes)
Raise the Red Lantern (1991), movie by Zhang Yimou 張藝謀|张艺谋
to go back to sleep (instead of rising up in the morning) / to sleep in
bamboo steamer (for buns or dim sum)
cylindrical bamboo or wire frame used to constrain a pig during transport
headstall / bridle
air pipe / bamboo air pipe used to aerate granary
Chinese enkianthus
sarong (loanword)
to drown sb in a wicker basket, a form of 沉潭
cape gooseberry / Peruvian ground-cherry / Physalis peruviana
fallen into a trap
a caged bird
cage (for animals)
to fall into a trap / ensnared
muzzle (device)
(mining) mine cage
cage for singing cicada
bamboo drying frame
bird in a basket, monkey in a cage (idiom); prisoner
a flower in a cage, a crane in a basket (idiom); prisoner
bamboo drying frame
steamed soup dumpling
fishing pot (trap)
lantern fish

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