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arrowhead / arrow symbol
rocket / CL:
  *箭* | 箭* | *箭
arrow / CL:
archery / to shoot an arrow
up-pointing arrow
bow and arrow
down-pointing arrow
bazooka / rocket launcher
Wrigley's Doublemint (brand)
sudden big stride forward
rocket artillery
shield / (fig.) excuse
down arrow key (on keyboard)
rocket (artillery)
bamboo (genus Fargesia)
lit. one arrow, two golden eagles (idiom) / to kill two birds with one stone
carrier rocket
time flies like an arrow (idiom); How time flies!
attack by a hidden enemy / a stab in the back
with one's heart set on speeding home (idiom)
lit. to have one's heart pierced by thousands of arrows (idiom) / fig. overcome with sorrow / to lambaste / to rip sb to shreds
bow-and-arrow step (dance step)
arrow banner of command (archaic used as symbol of military authority) / fig. instructions from one's superiors
lit. once you've shot the arrow, there's no getting it back (idiom) / fig. once you started sth, there's no turning back / to have to finish what one started / to be determined to reach one's goals in spite of setbacks
lit. to be struck by an arrow and fall from one's horse / to suffer a serious setback (idiom)
right-pointing arrow
right arrow key (on keyboard)
lit. easy to dodge the spear in the open, hard to avoid a stab in the dark (idiom); it is hard to guard against secret conspiracies
spring-loaded arrow concealed in one's sleeve
arrow shaft
poison dart frog
to wave a chicken feather as a token of authority (idiom); to assume unwarranted authority on the basis of some pretext
arrow key (on keyboard)
left arrow key (on keyboard)
variant of 劍魚|剑鱼
left-pointing arrow
rocket-propelled grenade (RPG)
up arrow key (on keyboard)
Maojian district of Shiyan city 十堰市, Hubei
iron arrow
Maojian district of Shiyan city 十堰市, Hubei
forest of spear, rain of arrows
lit. easy to dodge the spear in the open, hard to avoid a stab in the dark (idiom); it is hard to guard against secret conspiracies
arrow used as a token of authority (by field commanders)
lit. using straw boats to borrow arrows (idiom, from 三國演義|三国演义) / fig. to use others' manpower and resources for one's own ends
lit. to draw the bow without shooting the arrow (idiom) / fig. to bluff / to be all talk and no action / false bravado
a wrong suffered (idiom) / old grievance / previous defeat
Sagitta (constellation)

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