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first / number one / primary
  *第* | 第* | *第
(prefix indicating ordinal number, e.g. first, number two etc) / order / (old) rank in the imperial examinations / mansion / (literary) but / just
second / number two / next / secondary
the first time / first / number one
the second time / second / number two
step one / first step
in the first moments (of sth happening) / immediately (after an event) / first thing
to pass an imperial examination
fourth quarter
top notch / highest quality
sb who is romantically involved with sb already in a committed relationship / the other woman / the other man / third person / third party (in dispute) / disinterested party / number three in a list
next day / the morrow
World War II
first under heaven / number one in the country
(lit.) second spring / (fig.) falling in love for the second time / a new lease of life / rebirth
third place
World War One
Normandy, France
second round (of match, or election)
first round (of match, or election)
at first glance / at first sight
the second person / (fig.) someone else / third party
ranked number one in the world / the world's first
primary sector of industry
(American) Indian / native American / indigenous peoples of the Americas
first tone in Mandarin / high, level tone
first level
second place
residence of a noble / top candidate in the imperial examinations
third person (grammar)
American Indians
order / sequence / one after another
sixth sense (i.e. intuition, premonition, telepathy etc)
Indiana, US state
First Lady (wife of US president)
former residence
housing / high-class residence
family status
Vivaldi (name) / Antonio Vivaldi (1675-1741), Italian composer
Burgundy (Bourgogne), kingdom during medieval period, now region of France
third party
first case / first instance / first time (sth is done)
level / rank / grade / rating
territory belonging to a third party (as a neutral location for peace negotiations or as a transit point for indirect travel or trade etc)
suboptimal health status
category 5 / CAT 5 (cable)
world's first
dinar (currency) (loanword)
residence / mansion
secondary industry
Dijon (France)
Indianapolis, Indiana
Faraday (name) / Michael Faraday (1791-1867), British experimental physicist prominent in the development of electricity
Third World
the Andes mountain chain
Indiana, US state
tertiary sector of industry
variant of 覃第
mansion house / official residence
family with a literary reputation (idiom); literary family
Type 2 diabetes
First international, organized by Karl Marx in Geneva in 1866
The Second Sex (book by Simone de Beauvoir)
(math.) first fundamental form
second tone in Mandarin / rising tone
third tone in Mandarin / falling-rising tone
Andes mountain chain of South America
Second World (Cold War-era term referring to communist nations as a bloc)
T'bilisi, capital of Georgia 格魯吉亞|格鲁吉亚
Science and technology is the number one productive force (from 1978 speech by Deng Xiaoping 鄧小平|邓小平 introducing the Four Modernizations 四個現代化|四个现代化).
Third Reich, Nazi regime (1933-1945)
Type 1 diabetes
(fig.) opening shot
the person in charge / the head of the leadership group
fifth modernization, i.e. democracy, cf Deng Xiaoping's Four Modernizations 鄧小平|邓小平, 四個現代化|四个现代化
to fail an exam
fifth column (subversive group)
fourth tone in Mandarin / falling tone
Yiddish language
the Andes mountain range
fourth period / quaternary (geological period covering the recent ice ages over the last 180,000 years)
to pass the civil service examination (in imperial China)
grade (i.e. quality) / rank
third quarter (of financial year)
Beijing International Studies University (BISU)
the first pot of gold / the initial profits from an economic endeavour
second job
fourth channel / (in Taiwan) cable TV, FTV
first quarter (of financial year)
second quarter (of financial year)
Shanghai Second Medical University
Liu Guangdi (1859-1898), one of the Six Gentlemen Martyrs 戊戌六君子 of the unsuccessful reform movement of 1898
to fail the civil service examination (in imperial China)
nictitating membrane (zoology)
sixth sense / intuition

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