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piece of writing submitted for publication / manuscript / article
press release
to submit articles for publication / to contribute (writing)
  *稿* | 稿* | *稿
manuscript / draft / stalk of grain
to solicit contributions (to a publication)
manuscript / script
manuscript / article (in newspaper) / draft
(of a publisher) to send a manuscript off to the printer / (of a journalist) to send a dispatch
(PPT etc) presentation
first draft (of writing)
(of a newspaper) to stop accepting incoming articles
draft paper
draft of a document / script / manuscript / mental plan / precedent
author's remuneration / CL: 筆|笔
  *稾* | 稾* | *稾
variant of 稿
manuscript of a book
to write (an article for publication)
rough sketch (of a painting) / (of an official) to approve a document by signing it
draft / outline / sketch
manuscript / original copy
fee paid to an author for a piece of writing
to draft (a statement)
to complete a draft / to put out a manuscript
to make a draft / to draft (a document)
surviving manuscript / bequeathed draft (of book)
revised draft / new version (of a document)
verse manuscript
to revise a manuscript
manuscript (of a book etc) / sketch (of a design etc)
to modify a text so it can be plagiarized without detection (neologism c. 2014, formed by analogy with 洗錢|洗钱, to launder money)
author (of a manuscript)
my unworthy manuscript (humble expr.) / my humble writing
mental outline
reviewer (of a paper)
to produce a draft manuscript
Draft History of the Qing Dynasty, sometimes listed as number 25 or 26 of the 24 dynastic histories 二十四史, compiled under Zhao Erxun 趙爾巽|赵尔巽 in 1927 during the Northern Warlords period, 536 scrolls

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