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  *稀* | 稀* | *稀
rare / uncommon / watery / sparse
to dilute
sparse / rare
rare / strange
sparse / infrequent / thinly spread
rare / precious and uncommon
vaguely / dimly / probably / very likely
scarce / scarcity
porridge / gruel
crazy / bizarre / weird / fantastic / strange
rare / uncommon / rarity / to value as a rarity / to cherish / Taiwan pr. [xi1 han3]
vast, but sparsely populated
smashed up / broken into pieces / thoroughly mashed / pulpy
poor / sloppy / unconcerned / heedless / lax / unimportant / trivial / loose / porous
thin / rarefied
(coll.) to have diarrhea / to shrink back / to cower
rare earth (chemistry)
rare gas / noble gas (chemistry)
sparse and fragmentary
the rarer sth is, the greater its value (idiom)
rare earth element
infrequent visitor
over seventy years old
seventy years old
to thin out gradually / to become fainter and fainter
(onom.) rustling sound / sound of rain or of sth falling down / in disorder / completely smashed / badly battered / broken to pieces
trace element (nutrition)
muddleheaded / careless
no sign of human habitation (idiom); desolate
thin / diluted
cancellous bone / trabecular bone / spongy bone
to try to smooth things over / to paper over the issues / to gloss things over
water gruel / thin porridge
rare earth element (chemistry)

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