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father's father / paternal grandfather
ancestor / forebears
Matsu Islands off Fujian, administered by Taiwan
  *祖* | 祖* | *祖
surname Zu
  *祖* | 祖* | *祖
ancestor / forefather / grandparents
Matsu, name of a sea goddess still widely worshipped on the SE China coast and in SE Asia
passed on from ancestors / handed down from generation to generation
Buddha / founder of a buddhist sect
Matsu Islands
ancestral tomb
to offer sacrifices to one's ancestors
father's mother / paternal grandmother
founder (of a craft, religious sect etc)
Joey Yung (1980-), Hong Kong pop singer and actress
the earliest ancestor / originator (of a tradition, school of thought etc)
ancestral hometown / original domicile (and civil registration)
ancestors / forefathers / ancestry
primogenitor / founder of a school or trade
Great Ancestor (posthumous title, e.g. for the founder of a dynasty)
paternal grandparents
to recount history but omit one's ancestors (idiom); to forget one's roots
deceased grandfather / ancestry
founder (of a craft, religious sect etc)
ancestor / forebear
Ming Taizu, temple name of first Ming emperor Hongwu 洪武
to bring honor to one's ancestors
ancestry / lineage / pedigree / also written 祖係|祖系
posthumous name of the first Han emperor Liu Bang 劉邦|刘邦 (256 or 247-195 BC), reigned 202-195 BC
great-grandfather (father of one's paternal grandfather)
Emperor Taizu of Song, posthumous title of the founding Song emperor Zhao Kuangyin 趙匡胤|赵匡胤 (927-976), reigned from 960
Shengzu, temple name of the second Qing emperor, known as the Kangxi Emperor (1654-1722) / cf. 康熙
divine ancester / patron saint
Zuma (name) / Jacob Zuma (1942-), South African ANC politician, vice-president 1999-2005, president 2009-2018
for generations / from generation to generation
grandfather's younger brother
ancestors (old)
founding master of a monastery / founder / originator
Joey Wong (1967-), Taiwanese actress
former residence / one's original home
lit. progenitor of the Yuan Dynasty (1279-1368), title of Khubilai Khan (1215-1294), first Yuan dynasty emperor, reigned 1260-1294
to bring honor to one's ancestors (idiom) / also written 光宗耀祖
a remote ancestor
Tang Xianzu (1550-1616), Ming poet and dramatist, author of The Peony Pavilion 牡丹亭
to defend one's country
brat / little devil
posthumous title of Nurhaci 努爾哈赤|努尔哈赤 (1559-1626), founder and first Khan of the Manchu Later Jin dynasty 後金|后金 (from 1616)
Jeonjo (1752-1800), 22nd king of Korean Joseon dynasty
Ming Chengzu, temple name of third Ming Emperor Yongle 永樂|永乐
Zu Chongzhi (429-500), astronomer and mathematician
atavism (biology)
posthumous title of Genghis Khan 成吉思汗 (1162-1227)
Wuzuquan - "Five Ancestors" - Martial Art
father's father's father / paternal great-grandfather
Peng Zu (legendary figure of Taoism who lived 800 years)
maternal grandfather (i.e. mother's father)
bazooka (loanword)
dinosaur ancestor of birds
mother's mother / maternal grandmother
proto-language / parent language (linguistics)
Committee for Peaceful Reunification of the Fatherland (North Korean)
ancestral tomb
wife of paternal grandfather's younger brother
people of one's grandparents' generation
Zheng Guangzu, Yuan dynasty dramatist in the 雜劇|杂剧 tradition of musical comedy, one of the Four Great Yuan dramatists 元曲四大家
direct ancestor
many generations of ancestors
Zulu people
vuvuzela (horn) (loanword)
father's father's mother / paternal great-grandmother
Emperor Gaozu of Tang, reign name of first Tang emperor Li Yuan 李淵|李渊 (566-635), reigned 618-626
flamingo lily (Anthurium andraeanum)
father's father's sister / great aunt
vuvuzela (horn blown by sports fans)
father's father's brother / great uncle
(polite) my paternal grandfather
movement to restore the fatherland
father's father's brother's wife / great aunt
great-grandfather (mother's grandfather)
Song Zuying (1966-), Chinese folk music singer
dinosaur ancestors of birds
great-grandmother (mother's grandmother)
Sha Zukang (1947-), Chinese diplomat

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