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contradiction / CL: 個|个 / conflicting views / contradictory
  *矛* | 矛* | *矛
spear / lance / pike
spearhead / barb / an attack or criticism
to be at loggerheads / to have a falling out
to contradict oneself / self-contradictory / inconsistent
internal contradiction
pike / lance / CL: ,
lit. use sb's spear to attack his shield (idiom, derived from Han Feizi 韓非子|韩非子); turning a weapon against its owner / fig. to attack an opponent using his own devices / hoist with his own petard
contradictions between ourselves and the enemy / Either you are for us or against us.
internal contradiction among the people (pretext for a purge)
tensions between mainland China and Hong Kong (since 1997)
On the correct handling of internal contradictions among the people, Mao Zedong's tract of 1957
ancient spear-like weapon 18 Chinese feet in length, with a wavy spearhead like a snake's body,
to target sb or sth (for attack, criticism etc)
ancient spear-like weapon with a wavy spearhead like a snake's body
(bird species of China) lanceolated warbler (Locustella lanceolata)
(bird species of China) Chinese babax (Babax lanceolatus)
(bird species of China) gyrfalcon (Falco rusticolus)

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