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  *瞻* | 瞻* | *瞻
to gaze / to view
forward-looking / prescient / foresight / forethought / outlook
farsightedness / perspicacity / prescience / forward-looking
to revere / to admire
appearance / view / abiding impression
to follow blindly (idiom) / to take as one's only guide
to look forward and back / to consider prudently / overcautious
to look far ahead / to look forward (to)
to stand tall and see far (idiom); taking the long and broad view / acute foresight
to be watched closely (idiom)
to look forward and back cautiously
Zhu Zhanji, personal name of fifth Ming emperor Xuande 宣德
to worship / to gaze with reverence
the Lord's Day / Sunday
Ash Wednesday
to fail to greet in timely manner

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