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  *省* | 省* | *省
to save / to economize / to do without / to omit / to leave out / province / (archaic) central government department
  *省* | 省* | *省
to inspect / to examine / to be aware / to pay a visit (to one's parents or elders)
saving / to save / to use sparingly / to cut down on
to leave out / an omission
provincial capital
Jiangsu Province (Kiangsu) in southeast China, abbr. 蘇|苏, capital Nanjing 南京
Guangdong province (Kwangtung) in south China, short name 粵|粤, capital Guangzhou 廣州|广州
to save money
the whole province
Liaoning province in northeast China, short name 遼|辽, capital Shenyang 瀋陽|沈阳
Shandong, province in northeast China, short name 魯|鲁, capital Jinan 濟南|济南
provincial Party committee
(administrative) province-level
Taiwan province (PRC term)
Heilongjiang Province (Heilungkiang) in northeast China, abbr. , capital Harbin 哈爾濱|哈尔滨
to avoid / so as to save (money or time)
to save electricity
to provide food for thought (idiom) / thought-provoking
to reflect upon oneself / to examine one's conscience / to question oneself / to search one's soul
Yunnan Province in southwest China, bordering on Vietnam, Laos and Myanmar, abbr. or 雲|云, capital Kunming 昆明
governor of a province
to reflect upon oneself / introspection
to omit / to dispense with / to make unnecesary / to save (time, trouble etc)
to lose consciousness / unconscious / in a coma
to save labor / to save effort
province (old)
Guizhou province (Kweichow) in south central China, abbr. to or 貴|贵, capital Guiyang 貴陽|贵阳
Gansu Province, abbr. , short name 隴|陇, capital Lanzhou 蘭州|兰州
(coll.) Don't waste your breath. / Save it!
Guangxi province in south China / since 1959, Guangxi Zhuang autonomous region 廣西壯族自治區|广西壮族自治区, location of the Zhuang ethnic group, abbr. , capital Nanning 南寧|南宁
Shaanxi (formerly Shensi) Province in northwest China, abbr. 陝|陕, capital Xi'an 西安
to simplify matters / to save trouble
to handle administrative work
to cause no trouble / to be spared worry / worry-free
Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)
provincial city
central province / Töv Aimag (province) of Mongolia
to call upon / to inspect
provincial capital
Sichuan province (Szechuan) in southwest China, abbr. or , capital Chengdu 成都
to save / to get rid of (so saving space)
to examine oneself / to reflect on one's shortcomings / introspection / self-awareness / self-criticism
foreign ministry (e.g. of Japan or Korea)
Zhejiang Province (Chekiang) in east China, abbr. , capital Hangzhou 杭州
to visit one's parents
Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare (Japan)
default (setting)
subprovincial city (having independent economic status within a province)
abbr. for the economic region of Guangdong Province (or Guangzhou), Hong Kong and Macao
Henan province (Honan) in central China, abbr. , capital Zhengzhou 鄭州|郑州
relaxed / easy
British Columbia, Pacific province of Canada
to wake up to reality / to come to oneself / to realize / to see the truth
sb who is easy to deal with
Huambo province of Angola
provincial boundaries / provincial boundary
sub-provincial (not provincial status, but independent)
to simplify / to reduce to essentials / economical
Hebei Province (Hopeh) in north China surrounding Beijing, short name , capital Shijiazhuang 石家莊|石家庄
a provincial capital
to go home for a visit / to return to one's parents' home to pay respects
Anhui Province (Anhwei) in south central China, abbr. , capital Hefei 合肥
Shiing-Shen Chern (1911-2004), Chinese-American mathematician
Hubei Province (Hupeh) in central China, abbr. , capital Wuhan 武漢|武汉
Fujian province (Fukien) in east China, abbr. 閩|闽, capital Fuzhou 福州 / Fujian province (Fukien) in Taiwan
thrifty / sparing / economical
Punjab province of Pakistan
Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries (Japan)
Hunan Province in south central China, abbr. , capital Changsha 長沙|长沙
name of Qing dynasty province covering south Jiangsu, south Anhui and north Zhejiang provinces, with capital at Nanjing
to examine / to cast a critical eye over (especially in the context of introspection)
Hainan Province, in South China Sea, abbr. 瓊|琼, capital Haikou 海口
Jiangxi Province (Kiangsi) in southeast China, abbr. 贛|赣, capital Nanchang 南昌
Qinghai province (Tsinghai) in west China, abbr. , capital Xining 西寧|西宁
to save labor / to save effort
major agricultural province
former Ningxia province, now Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region 寧夏回族自治區|宁夏回族自治区
direct management of a county by the province (PRC administrative reform)
ellipsis (punct.)
Aceh province of Indonesia in northwest Sumatra
Shanxi province (Shansi) in north China between Hebei and Shaanxi, abbr. capital Taiyuan 太原
an apostrophe (punct.)
Jilin Province (Kirin) in northeast China, abbr. , capital Changchun 長春|长春
Sindh province of Pakistan
Ministry of Education, Science and Culture (Japan), ceased to exist in 2001 when it was merged with another ministry
frugal / economic / to scrimp and save
Ministry of Health and Welfare (Japan) (replaced in 2001 by 厚生勞動省|厚生劳动省)
erhua variant of 省勁|省劲
Nangarhar province of Afghanistan
Kandahar province of Afghanistan
Ghazni or Ghaznah province of Afghanistan
the three provinces of Northeast China, namely: Liaoning Province 遼寧省|辽宁省, Jilin Province 吉林省 and Heilongjiang Province 黑龍江省|黑龙江省
Baghlan province of north Afghanistan
people of this province / (in Taiwan) Han Chinese people other than those who moved to Taiwan from mainland China after 1945 and their descendants
Wardak (Afghan province)
to realize suddenly / to suddenly recall

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