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program / item (on a program) / CL: 臺|台, 個|个,
purpose / aim / goal / target / objective / CL: 個|个
item / project / (sports) event / CL: 個|个
catalog / table of contents / directory (on computer hard drive) / list / contents
at the present time / currently
target / goal / objective / CL: 個|个
subject / title / topic / CL: 個|个
regular column or segment (in a publication or broadcast program) / program (TV or radio)
academic subject / field of study
sight / vision / view / gaze / look
to witness / to see at first hand / to see with one's own eyes
blind / blindly / ignorant / lacking understanding
clauses and sub-clauses (in formal document) / entry (in a dictionary, encyclopedia etc)
amount / number
  *目* | 目* | *目
eye / item / section / list / catalogue / table of contents / order (taxonomy) / goal / name / title
television program
variety show
destination (location)
attention / to stare at / to fix attention on sth
(marked) price / tariff (in a restaurant etc)
to focus attention upon
warms the heart and delights the eye (idiom) / pleasing / delightful
obvious at a glance (idiom)
repertoire / program / song / piece of music
openly and without fear / brazenly
to see for oneself / to see with one's own eyes
to relax with one's eyes closed
to have a dizzy spell / dazzled
in one's eyes / in one's estimation
until now / so far
superorder (taxonomy) / catalog / table of contents
to look / to raise one's eyes
to dazzle / to inspire awe
goggles / protective glasses
to follow with one's eyes (a departing guest etc)
sporting event / item on program of sports competition
to attract attention / eye-catching / conspicuous
glittering jewels to delight the eye (idiom) / fig. a dazzling lineup
an item in accounts / an entry
milkfish (Chanos chanos)
booklist / bibliography / title catalogue / CL:
subdirectory (computing)
target market
video program
true identity / true colors
radio program / broadcast schedule
to see with one's own eyes / to witness
ringleader / gang leader / chieftain
eye-grabbing (headline) / striking (illustration)
to make a catalogue / catalogue / list
dead but will not close the eyes (idiom); to die with a remaining grievance
to fool people (idiom) / to pull the wool over people's eyes
to receive worldwide attention
eye-catching / conspicuous / obtrusive / striking / sticking out
Advanced Subjects Test, university entrance exam that assesses candidates’ higher level knowledge of specific subjects and their readiness to study in their selected academic discipline (Tw) / abbr. to 指考
(slang) stupid / moron
pretty / with delicate features
planned target / scheduled target
to open one's eyes wide
gaudy / glaring / unpleasant to the eyes
chapter title (in a novel)
to make eyes / to exchange flirting glances with sb
suborder (taxonomy)
flatfish / flounder
lit. too much for the eye to take in (idiom); a feast for the eyes
to let one's eyes rove
up until now / to date
anyone with eyes can see it (idiom); obvious to all / sth speaks for itself / is there for all to see
dumbstruck (idiom); stupefied / stunned
talent show / talent competition
unable to take one's eyes off (idiom); to gaze steadily / to stare
to have a whole new level of respect for sb or sth / to sit up and take notice (of sb's improved performance etc)
lit. to wipe one's eyes and wait (idiom); to wait and see
to dazzle the eyes
sporting event
overall target / overall objective
repertoire / list of plays or operas
Compendium of Medical Herbs 1596, compiled by Li Shizhen 李時珍|李时珍
a pleasant change / a breath of fresh air / refreshing
close one's eyes in death and die contentedly
the eye can see nothing worthwhile all around (idiom); arrogant / condescending / supercilious
Lepidoptera (insect order including butterflies 蝶類|蝶类 and moths 蛾類|蛾类)
destination address / target address
project management
dictionary headword / lexical item / term
lit. shocks the eye, astonishes the heart (idiom); shocking / horrible to see / a ghastly sight
to become enemies (idiom); to fall out with sb
ten lines at a glance (idiom) / to read very rapidly
Virupaksa (on of the Four Heavenly Kings)
vivid in one's mind (idiom)
to raise eyebrows / to cast sidelong glances (expressing fear or indignation) / shocked / surprised
appearance / facial features / look
nothing remains the same (idiom); change beyond recognition
detailed listing / specific item
aimless / at random

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