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tray / plate / dish / CL: 個|个
compact disc / CD or DVD / CD ROM / CL: , 張|张
to spiral / to circle / to go around / to hover / to orbit
USB flash drive / see also 閃存盤|闪存盘
  *盤* | 盤* | *盤
plate / dish / tray / board / hard drive (computing) / to build / to coil / to check / to examine / to transfer (property) / to make over / classifier for food: dish, helping / to coil / classifier for coils of wire / classifier for games of chess
C drive or default startup drive (computing)
to make an inventory / to take stock
market close
to commence trading (stock market)
building under construction / commercial property / real estate (for sale or rent)
twining mountain road
baking tray
closing price (of share, commodity etc)
to interrogate and get to the bottom of sth
Yingpan, common place name ("army camp") / place near Jintian village 金田村 in Guangxi where the Taiping Tianguo rebels took their oaths in 1851 / place in Xinfeng county 新豐縣|新丰县 traditional camping place of brigands / Yingpan township, place name / Yingpan in Shangluo prefecture, Shaanxi / Yingpan township in Yunnan / (many others)
military camp / nomadic camp
steering wheel
tray / salver / pallet
to interrogate / to question (at a roadblock)
to suspend trading (stock market)
turntable / rotary (traffic)
sampler platter / appetizer platter
(finance) (of a fund manager, high-wealth individual etc) to make large trades (in stocks, futures etc) / (fashion, movies etc) (of an industry heavyweight) to make a play in the market
to arrange food on a plate / to plate up / food presentation / (watchmaking) balance wheel
to plot / to scheme / to calculate
overall / comprehensive
USB flash drive / see also 閃存盤|闪存盘
domain / territory under one's control / foundation of a building / base of operations / crust of earth
(share trading) mid-cap
variant of 表盤|表盘 / watch face
Pangu (creator of the universe in Chinese mythology)
hard disk
USB flash drive / see also 閃存盤|闪存盘
to sit cross-legged (as in the lotus position)
to occupy illegally / to seize (territory) / to entrench (oneself)
intervertebral disk
to sit cross-legged / to sit in the lotus position
Panlong district of Kunming city 昆明市, Yunnan
turntable / gramophone record
(astronomy) astrolabe / (astrology) horoscope / astrological chart
counting one's chickens before they are hatched
to interrogate / to cross-examine / to inquire
keyboard instrument (piano, organ etc)
cold plate / cold meats
across the board / comprehensive / overall / global
(after completing a game of chess) to replay the game, analyzing the players' moves / (stock market) to resume trading
incense coil
suction pad / sucker
(computer) disk
(finance) to crash / to collapse / crash
lit. small abacus / fig. selfish calculations / bean-counting
sand table (military) / 3D terrain (or site) model (for real estate marketing, geography class etc) / sand tray (on which to write characters)
to transfer a shop and all its contents to new owner
optic disc (anatomy) / video compact disc (VCD)
to make a comeback / (of a doctor's assessment of the gender of a fetus) to turn out to be wrong
dashboard / indicator panel
lit. to put everything out including the tray / to reveal everything / to make a clean breast of it all
lit. like a sheet of loose sand / fig. unable to cooperate (idiom)
Panshan county in Panjin 盤錦|盘锦, Liaoning
going around a mountain
to coil (around sth) / to twine / to weave (basketwork)
(of a store) to open for business for the first time in the New Year / (of a business) to be profitable / (of a stock market) to rise / (sport) to win one's first match of a competition
twisting and turning
twisted roots and intertwined joints (idiom); complicated and very tricky / knotty and deeply-rooted difficulties
a plateful / comprehensive / the full works (e.g. a banquet) / the full price
Holy Grail
(bicycle) crankset
keyboard warrior
heavyweight operator in a market
to pace / to linger / to stay over / to spiral / to hover
lower millstone / tray of a mill
(of a stock price or market index) currently higher than at the previous day's close
meter dial / watch face
to twine / to coil
money for a voyage / travel expenses
intervertebral disk
natal chart (astrology)
side dish
dial (e.g. of a radio etc)
variant of 盤踞|盘踞
(soccer) to dribble
(of a stock price or market index) currently lower than at the previous day's close
(of a person) objectionable / (of two people) to find each other disagreeable
Russian roulette
slipped disk / vertebral herniation / prolapsed disk
dishes / crockery / plates and cups
abacus / CL: / plan / scheme
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