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  *盜* | 盜* | *盜
to steal / to rob / to plunder / thief / bandit / robber
to embezzle / to defraud / to use illegitimately / to misappropriate
to guard against theft / anti-theft
to steal (including identity theft, credit card fraud or theft of computer account) / to misappropriate
to rob a tomb
pirated / illegal / see also 正版
theft / to steal
to poach (illegally hunt game)
to steal
Grand Theft Auto (video game series)
to rob (with force) / bandit / robber / CL: 個|个
security door
(baseball) to steal a base / stolen base (SB)
to use an image without permission
to steal sth and sell it
to embezzle
night sweats
to pirate (an audio recording, movie etc) / to bootleg
to steal
lit. to cover one's ears whilst stealing a bell / to deceive oneself / to bury one's head in the sand (idiom)
to mine (or harvest, log, trap animals etc) illegally / illegal mining (or logging etc)
Rapator ornitholestoides (dinosaur)
to unlawfully fell trees
to fool the world and usurp a good name (idiom)
crowing like a cock and stealing like a dog (idiom) / bag of tricks / useful talents
lit. flower thief / fig. rapist
Grand Theft Auto (video game series)
leaving the door open invites the thief (idiom); to invite disaster by giving evildoers a free hand
software pirate
identity theft
velociraptor (dinosaur)
to have sth stolen / to lose to theft / robbed
Archaeoraptor (bird-like dinosaur)
to promote sex and violence / to stir up lust and covetousness
Pirate Party, political movement whose main goal is to reform copyright law in line with the Internet era
bandits' den
Gigantoraptor erlianensis (a giant bird-like dinosaur found in Erlian in Inner Mongolia)
one who is unaccountably solicitous is hiding evil intentions (idiom)
Archaeoraptor liaoningensis (bird-like dinosaur found in Liaoning province)
lechery springs from warmth and nourishment, kleptomania springs from hunger and cold (idiom)

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