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  *的* | 的* | *的
of / ~'s (possessive particle) / (used after an attribute) / (used to form a nominal expression) / (used at the end of a declarative sentence for emphasis) / also pr. [di4] or [di5] in poetry and songs
purpose / aim / goal / target / objective / CL: 個|个
really / indeed
seems as if / rather like / Taiwan pr. [si4 de5]
  *的* | 的* | *的
see 的士
  *的* | 的* | *的
really and truly
  *的* | 的* | *的
aim / clear
if (coming after a conditional clause)
to hit the target / to hit the nail on the head
else / other
yes, that's right / variant of 似的
I (when talking to a superior)
(old) wife
destination (location)
Midea (brand)
(there are) some (who are...) / some (exist)
abbr. of 麵包車的士|面包车的士 / minivan taxi
standard / norm / criterion
motorcycle taxi / abbr. for 摩托車的士|摩托车的士
target / aim / objective / what one hopes to gain
and so on / and what not
sometimes / at times
(coll.) to take a taxi / to go by taxi
(idiom) a good person, used to praise sb's moral integrity or courage
female taxi driver
taxi (loanword)
nothing to pick on / really good / nothing to discuss / settled matter / no problem
damn it! / blast it!
Really! (interj. of annoyance or frustration)
generally speaking / to sum up / in summary / in short
bogus / ersatz / fake / mock / phony
drat / frick / (euphemistic variant of 媽的|妈的)
have plenty of / there's no lack of
(my, your) own person / (to assert) one's own personality
Baltic Sea
(neologism c. 2009) don't worry, it's all taken care of
trivial (matters) / triviality / nonsense / rubbish
spirit world
homing / target-seeking (military)
the great majority
Goddam! / goddamn / wretched
the Last Supper (in the Christian Passion story)
Game of Thrones (TV series)
the Son of God
for the sake of / for the purpose of
Baltimore (place name, surname etc)
(taboo curse) damn it! / fucking
(like) a cat on a hot tin roof / anxious / agitated
to get tough / to use force
all one's strength
Cádiz, Spain
don’t worry about (it, him etc) / doesn’t matter / whatever / anyway
not to be trifled with / to be reckoned with
Get along with you!
small change
you're most welcome / sure thing! / I did what I was supposed to do
atabrine or quinacrine, used as antimalarial drug and antibiotic against intestinal parasite giardiasis
to hit the target / (fig.) to hit the nail on the head
lit. if you have to use force to break a melon off the vine, it won't taste sweet (because it's only when the melon is ripe that it can be removed with just a slight twist) (idiom) / fig. if sth is not meant to be, it's no use trying to force it to happen
Descendants of the Dragon (i.e. Han Chinese)
really / after all / details / particulars
couple who were made for each other
son of a bitch
to hit the mark with a comment (idiom) / to say sth spot on
drat / frick / (euphemistic variant of 他媽的|他妈的)
aimless / at random
lit. even a scrawny camel is bigger than a horse (idiom) / fig. even after suffering a loss, a rich person is still better off than ordinary people / a cultured person may come down in the world, but he is still superior to the common people
lit. to have a target in mind when shooting one's arrows (idiom) / fig. to have a clear objective
darkness comes before dawn / things can only get better (idiom)
Netherlands Antilles
male taxi driver / cabbie (slang)
Tripoli, capital of Libya / Tripoli, city in north Lebanon
what has (he) got up (his) sleeve? / what's going on?
what for / why / how
How did it happen? / What's wrong? / What went wrong? / What's up?
white lie
spilt water / (fig.) sth that can not be retrieved / spilt milk
to crush one's own foot while trying to maneuver a rock (to a cliff edge, to drop on one's enemy) (idiom) / hoisted by one's own petard
(idiom) no secret can be kept forever
(dialect) not that great / not up to much / nothing special
Every family goes through its problems. (idiom)
What brings you here? (idiom)
You're really quite something! / You're just amazing!
ginger gets spicier as it gets older (idiom) / the older, the wiser
lit. as if flying / very fast
lit. If the old doesn't go, the new will not come. / You can't make progress by clinging to old notions.
to play dirty / crafty / scheming
desperate straits / impossible situation
sb who is easy to deal with

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