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pearl / CL: 顆|颗
  *珍* | 珍* | *珍
precious thing / treasure / culinary delicacy / rare / valuable / to value highly
collection / to collect (valuables)
to treasure / to value / to cherish
abbr. for pearl milk tea 珍珠奶茶
pearl milk tea / tapioca milk tea / bubble milk tea
a treasure
to cherish
Virgin (company)
pocket-sized / pocket (book etc)
rare / precious and uncommon
precious / extremely valuable / (honorific) Please take good care of yourself!
exotic delicacies / luxury foodstuff from distant locations
valuable object / curio
Li Shizhen (1518-1593), Ming botanist and pharmacologist, author of Compendium of Medical Herbs 本草綱目|本草纲目
cendol, Southeast Asian iced sweet dessert
Pearl S. Buck (1892-1973), American writer known for her novels on Asian cultures, Pulitzer Prize and Nobel Prize laureate
to place great importance on / to treasure
a rare treasure / sth priceless and unique
Pearl Harbor (Hawaii)
extremely precious / valuable
delicacy / dainties / rare foodstuff
lit. as if enumerating one's family valuables (idiom) / fig. to be very familiar with a matter
Gong Zizhen (1792-1841), Chinese man of letters, calligrapher and poet
eight-treasure decoction, tonic formula used in Chinese medicine
rare treasure (idiom)
rare / strange
Jane Austen (1775-1817), English novelist / also written ·奧斯汀|简·奥斯汀
  *珎* | 珎* | *珎
variant of
rare / precious and odd
to value the broom as one's own (idiom); to attach value to sth because it is one's own / a sentimental attachment
mother-of-pearl (used in ornamentation and in TCM)
delicacy and fine taste (idiom); a wonderful treat
chicken gizzard (cuisine)
delicacy and fine taste (idiom); a wonderful treat
a delicacy (food)
Vientiane, capital of Laos (Tw)
little person / midget / dwarf
pocket book / paperback
pocket dictionary
oddity / news tidbits / strange and interesting item
cabbage, rice and tofu soup
Pearl of Great Price (Mormonism)
rare animals and birds
Ni Guizhen or Ni Kwei-Tseng (1869 - 1931), mother of Song Ailing 宋藹齡|宋蔼龄, Song Qingling 宋慶齡|宋庆龄 and Song Meiling 宋美齡|宋美龄
variant of 珍饈|珍馐, delicacy / dainties / rare foodstuff
pearl oyster (genus Pinctada)
pocket stereo / walkman
Li Ruzhen (c. 1763-c. 1830), Qing novelist and phonologist, author of fantasy novel Jinghua Yuan 鏡花緣|镜花缘 or Flowers in the Mirror
He Zizhen (1910-1984), Mao Zedong's third wife
take good care of yourself! (idiom)
rarities from the mountain and the sea (idiom); fig. a sumptuous spread of food delicacies

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