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  *狐* | 狐* | *狐
fox / fig. sly and treacherous person
Firefox (web browser)
Sohu, Chinese web portal and online media company
body odor / bromhidrosis
nine-tailed fox (mythological creature)
old place name (in modern Linyi county 臨猗縣|临猗县, Shanxi) / two-character surname Linghu
fox-spirit / vixen / witch / enchantress
suspicious / in doubt
Sohu, Chinese web portal and online media company
arctic fox
lit. the fox exploits the tiger's might (idiom); fig. to use powerful connections to intimidate people
lit. fox's tail (idiom); visible sign of evil intentions / to reveal one's evil nature / evidence that reveals the villain
silver or black fox (Vulpes alopex argentatus) / also written 玄狐
a pack of rogues (idiom); a gang of scoundrels
lit. if the rabbit dies, the fox grieves (idiom); fig. to have sympathy with a like-minded person in distress
fox lady / in folk stories, a beautiful girl who will seduce you then reveal herself as a ghost
silver or black fox (Vulpes alopex argentatus)
Vulpecula (constellation)
Desert Fox
old fox / fig. cunning person
foxes, ghosts and immortals / supernatural beings, usually fictional
arctic fox
a skulk of foxes, a pack of dogs (idiom) / a gang of rogues
lit. rat in a country shrine, fox on town walls; fig. unprincipled thugs who abuse others' power to bully and exploit people
to tell fox ghost stories around a bonfire and incite rebellion / an uprising is afoot (idiom)
Linghu Defen (583-666), Tang dynasty historian, compiler of History of Zhou of the Northern dynasties 周書|周书
flying fox / fruit bat (Pteroptidae)
fox-trot (ballroom dance) (loanword)
fennec / Vulpes zerda

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