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  *狄* | 狄* | *狄
surname Di / generic name for northern ethnic minorities during the Qin and Han Dynasties (221 BC-220 AD)
  *狄* | 狄* | *狄
low ranking public official (old)
Di Renjie (607-700), Tang dynasty politician, prime minister under Wu Zetian, subsequently hero of legends / master sleuth Judge Dee, aka Chinese Sherlock Holmes, in novel Three murder cases solved by Judge Dee 狄公案 translated by Dutch sinologist R.H. van Gulik 高羅珮|高罗佩
Connecticut, US state
Dickens (name) / Charles Dickens (1812-1870), great English novelist
Bob Dylan, American folk singer (1941-)
non-Han tribes in the east and north of ancient China / barbarians
Theodor (name)
Connecticut, US state (Tw)
Connecticut, US state
Oedipus, hero of tragedy by Athenian dramatist Sophocles
Charles Dickens (1812-1870), great English novelist
Aphrodite, Greek goddess of love / Venus
Karl Berngardovich Radek (1885-1939), Bolshevik and Comintern leader, first president of Moscow Sun Yat-sen University, died in prison during Stalin's purges
Theodor Ludwig Wiesengrund Adorno (1903-1969), German sociologist, philosopher, musicologist, and composer
Dee Gong An (or Judge Dee's) Cases, 18th century fantasy featuring Tang dynasty politician Di Renjie 狄仁傑|狄仁杰 as master sleuth, translated by R.H. van Gulik as Three Murder Cases Solved by Judge Dee
Addison's disease
Three Murder Cases Solved by Judge Dee, 1949 novel by R.H. van Gulik, featuring Tang Dynasty politician Di Renjie 狄仁傑|狄仁杰 as master sleuth
P.A.M. Dirac (1902-1984), British physicist
oedipal phase (psychology)
Dionysus, the god of wine in Greek mythology
Eugène Edine Pottier (1816-1887), French revolutionary socialist and poet

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