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calamity / disaster / CL: 個|个
disaster / catastrophe
disaster prevention / to protect against natural disasters
  *災* | 災* | *災
disaster / calamity
fire (that burns buildings etc)
disastrous / to turn into a disaster
area particularly hard-hit by a disaster / disaster area
to relieve disaster / to help disaster victims
disaster relief
disaster area / stricken region
victim (of a disaster)
  *烖* | 烖* | *烖
variant of 災|灾
to take measures to mitigate the impact of disasters (including prevention, preparation, and support for stricken communities)
disaster-stricken / to be hit by a natural calamity
to avoid calamities
natural disaster
comet or supernova viewed as evil portent
  *菑* | 菑* | *菑
old variant of 災|灾
flood / flood damage
lit. to flood (idiom) / fig. rampant / in plague proportions
after a catastrophe / post-traumatic
earthquake damage
market crash
calamity / catastrophe
damaging storm / destructive typhoon
lit. to take joy in calamity and delight in disaster (idiom); fig. to rejoice in other people's misfortune / Schadenfreude
disaster movie
severe disaster
catastrophe / cataclysmic change
disaster area
disaster area / scene of accident
insect damage / destruction of crops by pest insects
plague of locusts
to provide relief during times of emergency and disaster (idiom)
defense against natural disasters
disastrous situation / calamity
a financial loss may prevent disaster (idiom)
catastrophism / the theory that geological change is caused by catastrophic events such as the Biblical flood
catastrophism (theory that geological changes are brought about by catastrophes such as the biblical flood)
disaster relief funds
natural disaster
to invite disaster
secondary disaster (e.g. epidemic following floods)
frost damage (to crop)
series of calamities / disaster following on disaster
to pray for luck and sacrifice to avoid disasters (i.e. traditional superstitions)
to have one's house burned down / fire disaster
State Council Earthquake Relief Headquarters
natural disaster / famine
to ward off calamities / to avoid disaster
to be plagued with misfortunes / precarious
natural calamities and man-made disasters (idiom)
emergency aid committee (of PRC Ministry of Civil Affairs 民政部)
disaster caused by hail
catastrophes and unnatural phenomena / Heaven-sent warnings
to seek refuge from calamities
to avoid calamities and evil spirits
to drive away demons to prevent calamity (idiom)

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