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train station
  *火* | 火* | *火
fire / urgent / ammunition / fiery or flaming / internal heat (Chinese medicine) / hot (popular) / classifier for military units (old) / Kangxi radical 86
match (for lighting fire) / CL: ,
to ignite / to burn
rocket / CL:
blaze / flame
to get angry / irritated / to annoy / to aggravate / annoying
  *火* | 火* | *火
surname Huo
Naruto, manga and anime series
train / CL: , 節|节, ,
firewall / CL:
painful heat / scorching / rude and forthright / provocative / hot / sexy
fiery dragon
to catch fire / to cook / to get angry
fiery / blazing
to ignite / to light a fire / to agitate / to start an engine / ignition / fig. to stir up trouble
to get angry / to suffer from excessive internal heat (TCM)
train ticket
conflagration / the fire of war
to stir up the fire / fig. to provoke and offend people / to ruffle feathers
to set on fire / to commit arson
serious fire (in a city or a forest etc)
Mars (planet)
conflagration / large fire / CL: 場|场
fiery / burning / fervent / ardent / passionate
smoke and fire / fireworks
FireWire (IEEE 1394 data-transfer interface)
firing line (battle) / live electrical wire
fire alarm
to set fire to / to burn down / burning hot / baked cake
to protect against fire
flame / blaze
to light a fire for cooking
candle flame
red pitaya / dragon fruit / dragon pearl fruit (genus Hylocereus)
fiery (temper) / popular / flourishing / prosperous / lively
to put out a fire / firefighting
firefly / glowworm / lightning bug
Firefox (web browser)
red panda (Ailurus fulgens) / red fox (Vulpes vulpes)
at top speed / at a tremendous lick
incense burning in front of a temple / burning joss sticks
fire / firepower
(martial arts) wind-and-fire wheel, weapon used in hand-to-hand fighting / (Daoism) a magical pair of wheels on which one can stand to ride at great speed, used by Nezha 哪吒 / (fig.) never-ending treadmill
lighter / cigarette lighter
to catch fire / to ignite / to detonate / to get angry
Fo Tan (area in Hong Kong)
live coal / ember / burning coals
God of fire / Vulcan
intensity of a fire / lively / flourishing
rage / fury / hot anger
(of fire, lamp etc) to go out / to put out (fire) / (fig.) to die down / (of a vehicle) to stall
light of firefly / fairy light
to extinguish a fire / firefighting
to pour oil on the fire (idiom); fig. to aggravate a situation / to enrage people and make matters worse
to cremate / to incinerate
torch / CL:
to kill and burn (idiom); murder and arson
fire extinguisher
(flaming) torch / CL:
smell of gunpowder / (fig.) combative tone / belligerence
wildfire / forest fire
spark / sparkle
the moth flies into the flame / fatal attraction
most urgent / posthaste / express
flint (stone)
fired power plant (i.e. fired by coal, oil or gas)
to get angry / to burn with rage
to get angry
raging inferno / blaze
small flame (when cooking, simmering etc)
to set on fire / to commit arson / to create a disturbance
the scene of a fire
to warm oneself at a fire
(idiom) to be on very good terms with each other / to hit it off with sb / to be passionately in love with each other / to carry on intimately with / (of trading, conflict etc) to be in full swing
to add oil to the fire (idiom); fig. to aggravate a situation / to enrage people and make matters worse
train engine / locomotive
painful heat / scorching / painful heat / rude and forthright / provocative / hot / sexy
to rise from the ashes (idiom) / to thrive again after surviving an ordeal
forest fire
to play with fire
to open fire
spark / meteor trail (mostly used in expressions like 急如星火)
fire and ice / combination of sharply contrasting or incompatible elements
burning with desire
refractory brick / firebrick
low heat (cooking)
volcanic eruption
(idiom) to fan the flames / to incite people / to stir up trouble
to watch the fires burning across the river / to delay entering the fray until all others have been exhausted by fighting amongst themselves (idiom)

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