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  *漏* | 漏* | *漏
to leak / to divulge / to leave out by mistake / waterclock or hourglass (old)
to leak (of information, liquid etc) / to divulge
error and negligence
leak / hole / gap / loophole
to divulge / to leak / to reveal
to leak (of water)
seepage / leakage
a fish that escaped the net (idiom) / (fig.) sb or sth that slips through the net
(of a liquid or gas) to leak / to divulge (a secret) / to leak
to slip / to overlook by negligence / careless omission / oversight
to overlook / omissions / deficiencies
to miss / to leave out / to omit / to be omitted / to be missing / to slip through / to leak out / to seep away
to overlook / to miss / to omit
to blurt out / to let slip
to leak air or gas
hourglass / sand filter
water clock used to mark night watches
oil spill / oil leak / (fig.) boo! (opposite of 加油)
gargoyle (architecture)
to leak electricity / (fig.) (coll.) to unintentionally arouse romantic interest (by being solicitous etc) / cf. 放電|放电
loose, but allows no escape (idiom, from Laozi 老子); the way of Heaven is fair, but the guilty will not escape
lit. not one drop of water can leak out / watertight / rigorous (argument)
perforated spoon / strainer spoon / skimmer
omission / to leave out / missing
tax evasion
uterine bleeding
to check for leaks
(of an argument, theory etc) full of flaws (idiom)
without missing a word
water clock / clepsydra / to drip
lit. heaven's net has wide meshes, but nothing escapes it (idiom, from Laozi 73) / fig. the way of Heaven is fair, but the guilty will not escape / you can't run from the long arm of the law
to lose sth due to leakage / to let sth slip through / a slip-up / an oversight
to mention some but omit many others (idiom) / to leave out much more than one includes
to evade (taxes)
water clock / clepsydra
cloze (loanword) (Tw)
to evade (paying tax) / (tax) evasion
zero-day vulnerability (computing)
colander / strainer / sieve / leaky pot
a leak (e.g. of chemicals)
lit. mysteries of heaven must not be revealed (idiom); must not be revealed / I am not at liberty to inform you.
careless mistake / slip-up
funnel cloud
past one's prime / in one's declining years
not one drop of water leaks (idiom); fig. thoughtful and completely rigorous / watertight
when it rains, it pours (idiom)
water-driven armillary sphere (Zhang Heng's famous astronomical apparatus)
to divulge the will of heaven (idiom); to leak a secret / to let the cat out of the bag
The net of justice is wide, but no-one escapes.
to divulge secrets
hourglass / water clock / clepsydra
when it rains, it pours (idiom)
tinker / artisan who fixes leaky pots
to bury one's head in the sand (idiom)
It's too late to plug the leak once ship is in the middle of the river. (idiom)
to take a wrong turn / to go wrong
to divulge the will of heaven (idiom); to leak a secret / to let the cat out of the bag
drain / underground drainpipe / floor gutter / 25th of 2nd lunar month

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