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(an official) standard / norm / criterion / CL: 個|个
  *準* | 準* | *準
accurate / standard / definitely / certainly / about to become (bride, son-in-law etc) / quasi- / para-
preparation / to prepare / to intend / to be about to / reserve (fund)
to serve as the norm / ...shall prevail (as standard for rules, regulations, price etc)
accurate / exact / precise
norm / standard / criterion
norm / standard / standard of reference / base / base point / base line / benchmark / reference point / reference frame / criterion / data
on time / punctual / on schedule
level (of achievement etc) / standard / level (surveying)
accurate / exact / precise / precision
to take aim at / to target
standard / norm / criterion
to be ready
reserve fund
level (device to determine horizontal) / spirit level / surveyor's level
nonstandard / unconventional
to adjust to the right value / to tune / to focus (a camera etc) / to set (the date, the time) to the correct value
to identify clearly / to make sure of / to believe firmly
not up to scratch / subpar / off / gone awry / (of an instrument) to be out of kilter / (of a forecast) to be off the mark
to aim at / to target / to point at / to be directed at / registration / alignment (mechanical engineering)
to calibrate
technology standard
double standard
(statistics) standard deviation
to observe and make sure / to check
brigadier general / commodore
standard time
standard pronunciation / standard tone (e.g. A = 440 Hz)
unable to say / can't say precisely
American National Standards Institute (ANSI)
lacking class / boorish / poor quality / substandard
to comply with a standard / standards-compliant
Standard and Poor's (S&P), company specializing in financial market ratings / S&P financial index
standard language
standard conditions for temperature and pressure
code of conduct / standard of conduct
standard / norm
yardstick / fig. criterion / ground rule
front sight (firearms) / the zero point indicator marked on a steelyard
sighting device / sight (for a firearm etc)
deposit-reserve ratio
variant of 保准
Standard Model (of particle physics)
Greenwich Mean Time / GMT
to prepare / to make adequate preparation
ready at any moment
directrix line of a parabola / guide line
Actual practice is the sole criterion for judging truth (item from Deng Xiaoping theory, from 1978)
American Federal Reserve
par (golf)
to be unsure about a matter / to be uncertain / to be unable to make sense of sth
values / standards
to make preparations
International Organization for Standardization (ISO)
not sure / maybe
Greenwich Mean Time (GMT)
Dzungar, Junggar or Dsungharian basin in Xinjiang
Standardization Administration of PRC (SAC)
Kou Zhun (961-1023), Northern Song politician and poet
standard conditions for temperature and pressure
request granted (formal usage in old document) / to aim (gun)
to watch for an opportunity / to see one's chance to
standards organization / standards body
Chung Mongjoon (1951-), Korean magnate and the founder of Hyundai 現代
accounting standards council
official portrait
standard (hotel) room / two-person room of standard size and amenities / abbr. to 标间
international human rights norms
compasses, set square, spirit level and plumbline (idiom); fig. established standard / norms / criteria
industry standard
Jungar banner in Ordos 鄂爾多斯|鄂尔多斯, Inner Mongolia
certainly / for sure
Dsungaripterus (genus of pterosaur)
CSIC, Chinese standard interchange code used from 1992
evidence (that one can rely on) / grounds (for believing sth)
ASCII, American Standard Code for Information Interchange
Deutsches Institut für Normung e.V. (DIN) / German Institute for Standardization
UCS, Chinese character coding adopted in PRC 1986 / abbr. to 通用碼|通用码
completely unprepared
Guo Biao or GB, the standard PRC encoding, abbr. 國標碼|国标码
Junggar or Dsungharian basin in Xinjiang between the Altai and TianShan ranges
Dzungaria or Jungarian depression in north Xinjiang between Altai and Tianshan
CNS 11643, Chinese character coding adopted in Taiwan, 1986-1992
telescopic sight / scope (on a rifle)
definite idea / certainty / clear plan / definite guidelines
Rayleigh criterion (optics)
to recognize / to acknowledge (as valid)
to aim in front of a moving target
applicable anywhere (idiom)
quasi-stationary spiral structure QSSS (astrophysics)

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