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economy / economic
emergency relief / to help the needy with cash or goods
economics (as a field of study)
  *濟* | 濟* | *濟
used in place names associated with the Ji River 濟水|济水 / surname Ji
  *濟* | 濟* | *濟
only used in 濟濟|济济
  *濟* | 濟* | *濟
to cross a river / to aid or relieve / to be of help
economic growth
economy class
economic development
global economy / world economy
Jinan, subprovincial city and capital of Shandong province in northeast China
Fiji, country in the southwest Pacific Ocean
economic security
Jeju Island special autonomous province, South Korea, a World Heritage site
The Economist (magazine)
economic situation
not good / of no use
economic activity
economic prosperity
to no avail / of no use
market economy
economic crisis
(economic) recession
Swaziland (Tw)
economic system
national economy
economic situation / one's socio-economic status
economic problem
economies of scale
to give material assistance to
local economy / regional economy
Nikkei Shimbun, Japanese equivalent of Financial Times
economy seat
Jinan subprovincial city and capital of Shandong province in northeast China
economic sanctions
a galaxy of talent (idiom) / a great number of competent people
World Economic Forum
Paekche or Baekje (18 BC-660 AD), one of the Korean Three Kingdoms
economically backward
Jining prefecture-level city in Shandong
socio-economic base / economic foundation
administrative remedy
political economy
to help the poor
special economic zone
Jining prefecture-level city in Shandong
to rob the rich to help the poor
economic reform
economic circles
Jeju Island special autonomous province (Cheju Island), South Korea, a World Heritage site
Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) / abbr. to 經合組織|经合组织
cash crop (economics)
to couple strength and gentleness (idiom)
to give relief aid
bubble economy
"she-economy" reflecting women's economic contribution / euphemism for prostitution-based economy
practice medicine or pharmacy to help the people or public
economic difficulty
lit. slow no aid to urgent (idiom); slow measures will not address a critical situation / too slow to meet a pressing need
Huiji District of Zhengzhou City 鄭州市|郑州市, Henan
economic strength
planned economy
Jigong or Daoji (1130-1207), Southern Song Dynasty Buddhist monk
Jiyang county in Jinan 濟南|济南, Shandong
developing economic state / developing nation
economic depression
of what use is it / (idiom)
Yangtze River Economic Belt
to relieve and help
fate is unfavorable (idiom); the omens are not good
official authority used for private interests (idiom); to attain private ends by abusing public position
Economic value added, EVA
commodity economy
economic system
economic cycle
Jiyuan directly administered city in Henan
to help people in distress
to give relief (material)
large number of people
Huiji District of Zhengzhou City 鄭州市|郑州市, Henan
to congregate in one hall (idiom); to gather under one roof
exclusive economic zone
Yongji county level city in Yuncheng 運城|运城, Shanxi
Homo economicus
Ejin Banner in Alxa League 阿拉善盟, Inner Mongolia (formerly in Gansu 1969-1979)
to help those in distress (idiom)
economic growth rate
macroeconomics (Tw)
Jiyuan directly administered city in Henan
Asian-Pacific Economic Cooperation organization / APEC
Zhou Ji (1781-1839), Qing writer and poet
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