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  *派* | 派* | *派
clique / school / group / faction / to dispatch / to send / to assign / to appoint / pi (Greek letter Ππ) / the circular ratio pi = 3.1415926 / (loanword) pie
party (loanword)
local police station
to send (on a mission) / to dispatch
Pike or Peck (name) / Parker Pen Company
to assign / to appoint / assignment
impressive / stylish / magnificent / imposing manner / dignified air
apple pie
villain (of a drama etc)
special correspondent / sb dispatched on a mission / special commissioner
to believe / to be convinced
the reformist party
to assign (a task to different people) / to allocate
see 做派
school of thought
special appointment / special correspondent / task force / sb dispatched on a mission
old school / conservative faction
sect / faction
to set apart / to assign sb to a job
Fiat Palio
to put to good use / to come in handy
to reinforce / to dispatch troops
Democratic faction
(political) left / left wing / leftist
gang / faction
sect / school (group of followers of a particular doctrine)
academism (art)
to dispatch (sb) in an official capacity / to be posted (as an ambassador, foreign correspondent etc)
to dispatch
hawk faction (opposite: 鸽派, doves) / fierce and combative party / war party / warmongers
new faction
to appoint
political party / faction
to send on assignment / to deploy (troops)
dove faction (opposite: 鹰派, hawks) / peace party / the faction seeking peace
pan-Democratic alliance (Hong Kong)
tributary (stream) / (fig.) school (of thought) / genre / style
opposition faction
(political) right / right wing / rightist
to produce (from sth else) / to derive (from raw material) / derivative
way of doing sth / behavior / to act in an affected manner / mannerism / gestures in opera
Shia sect (of Islam)
denomination / group / school / faction / school of thought
moderate faction
young guard / young and vigorous group with new ideas / new wave
Gelugpa school of Tibetan Buddhism
politically unaffiliated / independent (candidate)
the Mei Lanfang School / see 梅蘭芳|梅兰芳
Raspberry Pi (computing)
to select / to detail / to set apart / to appoint
hard-line / hardcore
local faction / pro-localization faction (in Taiwanese politics)
to apportion expenses, responsibilities etc / to demand contributions
manner / style / panache
persons or faction in authority
happy-go-lucky people / optimists
to dispatch troops
Coolpad Group Ltd, Chinese company
Sunni sect (of Islam)
Paramount Pictures (US movie company)
a bunch of nonsense
the conservative faction / reactionaries
factionalism / tribalism
conservative faction
moderate faction / party of compromise / middle ground
Geju (Tibetan: transmit word of Buddha) sect of Tibetan Buddhist
Charismatic Movement
to send / to deliver / to distribute
modernist faction / modernists
Futurism (artistic and social movement of the 20th century)
to be honest and upright / to have moral integrity
Bkar-dgam-pa sect of Tibetan Buddhism
the pro-war faction / hawks
Christian denomination
Gatsby, Japanese cosmetics brand
to send / to dispatch
Frankfurt School
centrist / the centrist faction
Mandarin ducks and butterfly (i.e. love birds) literary school around 1900, criticized as populist and romantic by socialist realists
Republican faction
two-faced person / double-dealing
parka jacket (loanword) / CL:
political group / faction
hardline faction / hawks
Jacobin club, French revolutionary party that played a leading role in the reign of terror 1791-1794
Anti-Rightist Movement, Mao's purge of "rightists" after the Hundred Flowers Campaign ended in 1957
sex party / orgy

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