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to exercise / to move about / to operate / to use connections (personal influence) / loose / shaky / active / movable / activity / campaign / maneuver / behavior / CL: 項|项, 個|个
life / activity / to live / livelihood
lively / vivacious / brisk / active / (chemistry) reactive
flexible / nimble / agile
active / lively / excited / to enliven / to brighten up
to revive / (lit. and fig.) to come back to life / (religion) resurrection
energy / vitality / vigor / vital force
happy / cheerful
(coll.) serve sb right / deservedly / ought / should
  *活* | 活* | *活
to live / alive / living / work / workmanship
LOHAS (lifestyles of health and sustainability)
living museum
activity center / CL: 處|处
to survive (a serious accident) / survival
piston / valve
vivid / lively / (of food ingredients) live or fresh
appreciation of the finer things in life
work / (lots of) things to do
economic activity
charity event / public service activities
to leap and frisk about (idiom); lively / healthy and active
to appreciate life
free time (between organized activities)
to apply (knowledge etc) creatively and flexibly / to use a word flexibly (e.g. a noun as an adjective)
buffoon / clown / ridiculous person
(med.) survival rate / (med.) recovery rate
real (people) / living (artist) / while still alive (e.g. skinned alive)
sports / sporting activity
political life
lit. lively dragon and animated tiger (idiom) / fig. vigorous and lively
to activate
night life
life or death / fate / no matter what / anyway / for the life of me
(chemistry) activity / active / activated
to work / to do manual labor
to survive / to keep on living
mobility / motility
handicraft / needlework / work
energetic / vital
living body / live specimen
living animals
while still alive / simply / totally
to bury alive
(banking) current (account) / checking (account) / demand (deposit etc)
living spirit, living image (idiom); true to life / vivid and realistic
spiritual or moral life
Living Buddha / title of Mongolian Lamas from 17th century
demand deposit
domestic garbage
job paid according to the amount of work done / contract work
oral sex
to bring back to life
adjustable spanner
life / to survive / to save a life / to scrape a living
to subsist / to eke out a living / to keep body and soul together
One is never too old to learn. (idiom)
trick / deception
to save life / to rescue / the whole business with all its processes
calendar of events
to come to life (by magic)
cost of living / living expenses / alimony
living facilities
terribly / awfully / desperately
(northern dialect) to pick up a fare (as a taxi driver) / to pick up a piece of work (as a courier)
living standards
to improve blood circulation (Chinese medicine)
heavy work
to creatively combine learning with usage / to learn and apply pragmatically
bitter work / sweated labor
to take on a piece of work / to pick up some freelance work / (of a taxi driver) to pick up a fare
to provide for / to keep (animals, a family etc) / to raise animals / to feed and clothe / support / the necessities of life / to give birth
demand deposit (abbr. for 活期存款)
reagent (chemistry)
noose / running knot
to enliven / to invigorate / to revitalize
(of an actor) to bring (one's character) to life / to act brilliantly
to be tired of living / (coll.) to be asking for trouble
to survive
sabotage / subversive activities
to tire oneself out through overwork / to work oneself to death
arrogant appearance / smug appearance / to act condescending / to put on airs
a slip-knot / a noose
clandestine activities / covert operation
Easter Island
unskilled labor / heavy manual work
espionage / spying
living person
to work as amateur for no pay
to work / to be employed
impossible to make a living
domestic sewage
(election) campaign
fresh fish / living fish

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