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ocean / CL: 個|个
Western-style dress
  *洋* | 洋* | *洋
ocean / vast / foreign / silver dollar or coin
Pacific Ocean
onion (Allium cepa) / bulb onion
young foreign girl
see 洋基隊|洋基队 / New York Yankees (US baseball team)
Western style / foreign flavor / trendy / fashionable
brimming with / steeped in
Southeast Asia / South seas
the West (Europe and North America) / countries of the Indian Ocean (traditional)
Atlantic Ocean
distant seas / the open ocean (far from the coast)
vast body of water / CL:
Japan (old) / East Asian countries
brimming with enthusiasm (idiom); full of warmth
full of joy (idiom); jubilation
joyfully satisfied / to be immensely proud of oneself / proudly / an air of complacency
the western Pacific Ocean
Sanyō, Japanese electronics company
radiant with joy
Pacific War between Japan and the US, 1941-1945
ocean / (old) silver dollar
American ginseng (Panax quinquefolius)
foreign firm (old)
(Tw) (sports) foreign player / import
doll (of Western appearance)
voluminous / flowing (of speeches, articles etc) (idiom)
North Atlantic
Indian Ocean
Pacific Rim
children's game played with illustrated cards / pogs / menko (Japan)
Matricaria recutita / chamomile
watercress (Nasturtium officinale)
to go abroad (old)
see 漂洋
east Pacific
ocean current
Liu Yang (1978-), China's first female astronaut in space (June 16, 2012)
domestic and foreign
Western-style clothes
onion ring
North Atlantic Treaty Organization, NATO
(dialect) potato
Arctic ocean
the Qing Dynasty name for the coastal provinces of Liaoning, Hebei, and Shandong
vast / impressive / self-satisfied / immensely pleased with oneself
New York Yankees (US baseball team)
to revere everything foreign and pander to overseas powers (idiom); blind worship of foreign goods and ideas
trash or used goods from Western countries / the dregs of society of Western countries / Taiwan pr. [yang2 le4 se4]
warm / comfortably warm
to Westernize
to study abroad (old term) / same as 留學|留学
maritime climate
ocean floor / bottom of the ocean
immensely pleased with oneself (idiom) / proud / complacent
the Pacific Region / the Pacific Rim
Nanyang Technological University, Singapore
Hong Kong orchid (Bauhinia blakeana)
carmine / magenta
(payment) account
western style guns (in former times)
Western learning
foreigner / Westerner
Western goods / imported goods (in former times)
social gaffe or blunder / faux pas / see 出洋相
immensely pleased with oneself (idiom) / proud / complacent
the Shanghai of old, with its foreign settlements / (fig.) a bustling, cosmopolitan city
sage (herb)
seas and oceans
(literary) to gaze in the air
Yang County in Hanzhong 漢中|汉中, Shaanxi
to idolize foreign things
United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea
foreign affairs (in Qing times) / foreign learning
the Warlord government of Northern China that developed from the Qing Beiyang army 北洋軍閥|北洋军阀 after the Xinhai revolution of 1911
black locust tree (Robinia pseudoacacia)
lit. to gaze at the ocean and lament one's inadequacy (idiom) / fig. to feel powerless and incompetent (to perform a task)
flat silver (former coinage) / also written 銀元|银元
State Oceanic Administration (PRC)
Westerner employed in Qing China (as professor or military advisor etc)
to make a fool of oneself
foreign religion (esp. Western Christianity in Qing China)
to sail west (from China) (used in reference to the 15th century voyages of Zheng He 鄭和|郑和 to regions bordering the Indian Ocean)
Asia-Pacific region
Ring of Fire (circum-Pacific seismic belt)
Western taste / Western style
imported oil / kerosene
to idle on the job
Nanyang Siang Pau (Malay's oldest newspaper)
Guangdong Ocean University

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