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extensive / wide range
  *泛* | 泛* | *泛
to float / to be suffused with / general / extensive / non-specific / flood / pan- (prefix)
  *汎* | 汎* | *汎
variant of
to go boating
to make a general reference / to be used in a general sense
to blush / to redden / flushed
Pan American
wide ranging influence
to appear / to emerge / to surface
to be in flood / to overflow (the banks) / to inundate / to spread unchecked
  *氾* | 氾* | *氾
variant of
pan-Democratic alliance (Hong Kong)
overtone / a harmonic
vague and general / not specific / shallow / empty
general term
lit. to flood (idiom) / fig. rampant / in plague proportions
extensive reading
flexible / adaptable
to speak in general terms
Pan-Pearl River delta / The nine provinces of Southern China around Guangzhou and the Pearl River delta / South China
generalized anxiety disorder (GAD)
Pangea (geology)
to float about / (of a feeling) to show on the face / (of speech, friendship etc) shallow / vague
pantheism, theological theory equating God with the Universe
(math.) functional analysis
nimble / agile
Panthalassis (geology)
pandeism, theological theory that God created the Universe and became one with it
lit. to live on a boat / to drift from place to place (idiom)
nodding acquaintance / slight familiarity
the Pan-Pearl river delta (economic zone including the 5 provinces around Guangzhou and Hong Kong)
sailing on the sea of learning (idiom)
universal algebra
panentheism, theological theory of God as equal to the Universe while transcending it
pantothenic acid / vitamin B5 / to surge up (of acid in the stomach)
to be suffused with white / to be discolored / to blanch

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