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politics / political
to treat (an illness) / medical treatment / therapy
to prevent and cure / prevention and cure
to govern / to administer / to manage / to control / governance
law and order / public security
to rule (a country) / to govern / rule / regime
  *治* | 治* | *治
to rule / to govern / to manage / to control / to harness (a river) / to treat (a disease) / to wipe out (a pest) / to punish / to research
the period of Japanese rule
corporate governance
physiotherapy / physical therapy
George (name)
doctor-in-charge / resident physician
to cure
sandwich (loanword) / CL: 個|个
to diagnose and treat
Meiji, Japanese era name, corresponding to the reign (1868-1912) of the Meiji emperor
political figure / politician / statesman
governance / to govern
politics / political science
rule of law / to rule by law
political life
to treat only the symptoms but not the root cause
to treat (an illness) / medical treatment
(Tw) Georgia, US state / Georgia (country)
form of government
to politicize
to treat an illness
holistic diagnosis and treatment (TCM)
to bring under control / to regulate / to restore to good condition / (coll.) to fix (a person) / to prepare (a meal etc)
rule of man
Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region, abbr. 寧|宁, capital Yinchuan 銀川|银川
to rule a country
under the jurisdiction of
to provide critical care (to a patient or a diseased plant)
political position
to die of illness or injury despite receiving medical help
Changzhi township in Pingtung County 屏東縣|屏东县, Taiwan
statesman / politician / CL: 個|个, ,
St George
political division / cadre department
Changzhi prefecture-level city in Shanxi 山西 / Changchih township in Pingtung County 屏東縣|屏东县, Taiwan
geopolitics / geopolitical
political economy
to bring under permanent control / to effect a radical cure
root canal therapy (dentistry)
political asylum
theocratic / theocracy
Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region in South Central China, on the border with Vietnam, abbr. , capital Nanning 南寧|南宁 / until 1959, Guangxi province
sandwich (loanword)
political history
Inner Mongolia autonomous region, abbr. 內蒙古|内蒙古, capital Hohhot 呼和浩特市
to receive hospital treatment / to be hospitalized
to take radical measures / to get to the root (of a problem etc)
political organization
(of medicine) to use specifically for the treatment of
Xinjiang Uighur autonomous region, abbr. , capital Urumqi or Ürümqi 烏魯木齊|乌鲁木齐
Tibetan autonomous region, Tibetan: Bod rang skyong ljongs, abbr. , capital Lhasa 拉薩|拉萨
political correctness / politically correct
drug rehabilitation center
reign name of Qing emperor (1861-1875)
political reform
to punish
municipality / autonomous city / also called directly administered city 直轄市|直辖市
to get angry
Georgia, US state (Tw)
Anchorage (Alaska)
to punish / to handle / to deal with (literary)
to correct (e.g. sight or hearing) / to rectify / to cure
scholarship / high-level study / to do scholarly research / to pursue a high level of study
to prepare for a funeral
to punish sb (for a crime)
Meiji Restoration (Japan, 1868)
Greenwich Mean Time (GMT)
reign name of second Qing emperor (1644-1662)
rights of autonomy / autonomy / see 自治
hyperbaric medicine / hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT) / also 高壓氧療法|高压氧疗法
autonomous county
Georgetown / (the spelling 喬治敦|乔治敦 is more common)
to regulate the family and rule the state (idiom)
incurable disease
political thought / ideology
diagnosis and treatment based on an overall analysis of the illness and the patient's condition
George Washington (1732-1799), first US president
to rule according to the law
to manage state affairs / to govern the country
political climate
sovereignty / dominion / dominance
hopeless / helpless / incurable / fantastic / out of this world
to treat the disease to save the patient / to criticize a person in order to help him
to put to death
guaranteed to cure all diseases

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