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to request / to require / requirement / to stake a claim / to ask / to demand / CL: 點|点
to solicit / to seek / to request (opinions, feedback etc) / to petition
to pursue (a goal etc) stubbornly / to seek after / to woo
to request / to ask / request / CL: 個|个
requirement / to require / (economics) demand
to make every effort to / striving to do one's best
to seek / to strive for
anxious for quick results (idiom); to demand instant success / impatient for result / impetuous
to request help / to appeal (for help)
to seek / to look for
  *求* | 求* | *求
to seek / to look for / to request / to demand / to beseech
to seek employment
to require a solution / to seek to solve (an equation)
to seek survival / to possess the will to live
to seek help (when in distress or having difficulties)
to pray for / to appeal
to seek knowledge / to study / to attend college
to study / to probe / to research and examine
to beg / to beseech / to entreat / entreaty
to plea for leniency / to ask for a favor
to long for / to crave for / to greatly desire
supply does not meet demand
to propose marriage
to seek medical treatment / to see a doctor
to perfect sth that is already outstanding (idiom); constantly improving
to entreat / to implore / to plead
to sue for peace / to look for a draw (chess) / summation (math.)
to beg forgiveness
to stress / to emphasize / particular about sth / to strive for
to seek the truth
to insist on / to demand / to impose
to ask for sth and receive it / to try to obtain / to look for and obtain
to ask for help
job applicant
(of a childless couple) to pray for a son / to try to have a child
to ask for advice / seeking instruction
to seek truth from facts (idiom) / to be practical and realistic
backscratcher (made from bamboo etc)
desire for knowledge
lit. seek but fail to get (idiom); fig. exactly what one’s been looking for
to kneel and beg forgiveness
to pursue greedily / to crave
to implore / to plead / to ask earnestly
supply and demand (economics)
to beg
aggregate demand
anxious to learn / keen for knowledge
to proposition a woman
to desire / wants / appetites
to make an offer of marriage (to another family on behalf of one's son or daughter) / to seek a marriage alliance
to accept a compromise
to seek proof / to seek confirmation
cover letter / job application
claim to rights (copyright, patent etc)
can be discovered but not sought (idiom) / one can only come across such things serendipitously
to seek compensation / indemnity
to woo
to implore / to beseech
to ask
to ask for help / to ask a favor / to recruit talented people
to seek after / to strive for
survival / the struggle to eke out a living / to seek for continued existence
lit. climb a tree to catch a fish (idiom); fig. to attempt the impossible
to search for sth / to seek / to quest / to explore
to extort confession by torture
to make extravagant demands / an unreasonable request
to find the derivative (math.)
supply exceeds demand
lit. to blow apart the hairs upon a fur to discover any defect (idiom); fig. to be fastidious / nitpick
to call upon others for help
the will to live
to make progress while ensuring stability
to seek the truth from facts
to seek / to demand
to seek / to pursue / to investigate
supply exceeds demand
to seek for / to hope to gain / desirous
to inquire / to ascertain
to seek / to search for
lit. not requiring a detailed understanding (idiom); only looking for an overview / not bothered with the details / superficial / content with shallow understanding
inappropriate or presumptuous demands
to demand the highest standards of sb (or oneself) (idiom) / to strive to achieve the best possible results / to be a perfectionist
lit. not aiming to achieve the best possible result, but rather trying to avoid making mistakes (idiom) / fig. to take a risk-averse approach
diligent and tireless (idiom)
to grant whatever is asked for / to accede to every plea
lit. to beg grandpa and call on grandma (idiom) / fig. to go about begging for help
to seek / to strive for
(Maslow's) hierarchy of needs (psychology)
Norman Bethune (1890-1939), Canadian doctor, worked for communists in Spanish civil war and for Mao in Yan'an, where he died of blood poisoning
Dugu Qiubai, a fictional character appearing in 金庸 novels
to seek / to look for
(traditional title of first readers) / primary education / teaching the ignorant / light to the barbarian
exorbitant demands / demanding with menaces / extortion
to seek the cause in oneself rather than sb else
(idiom) to be free of jealousy or greed / to live a simple life, free from worldly desires
to beg
to sue for mercy / to ask for forgiveness / begging for magnanimity
to urge
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