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  *次* | 次* | *次
next in sequence / second / the second (day, time etc) / secondary / vice- / sub- / infra- / inferior quality / substandard / order / sequence / hypo- (chemistry) / classifier for enumerated events: time
last time
next time
next / secondly
many times / repeatedly
layer / level / gradation / arrangement of ideas / (a person's) standing
once more; once again
number of times / frequency / order number (in a series) / power (math.) / degree of a polynomial (math.)
one-off (offer) / one-time / single-use / disposable (goods)
in order / in succession
first / first time / for the first time
this time
for the first time / first (meeting, attempt etc)
HSK 7-9
repeatedly / time and again
HSK 7-9
person-times / visits / classifier for number of people participating
HSK 7-9
grade / class / quality / level
HSK 7-9
next day / the morrow
HSK 7-9
second only to ...; ranking behind only ...
HSK 7-9
over and over again (idiom)
HSK 7-9
the second time / second / number two
order / sequence / one after another
third / three times / (math.) degree three, cubic (equation)
the number of showings of a movie, play etc / screening; performance
deputy chief
in order / in proper sequence
derivative / secondary / sub-
Yuci district of Jinzhong city 晉中市|晋中市, Shanxi
every time
incoherent speech / to talk without rhyme or reason (idiom)
World War One
sequence; order
sortie / flight
to settle for second best / the next best thing
repeatedly (idiom)
Anci district of Langfang city 廊坊市, Hebei
second after / second only to
hypochlorous acid HOCl (bleach)
gradually / one by one
linear equation (math.)
to rank second (in terms of some attribute: size, frequency, quality etc)
Second Revolution, campaign from 1913 of the provisional revolutionary government (under Sun Yat-sen and the Guomindang) against Yuan Shikai 袁世凱|袁世凯 and the Northern Warlords
afterwards / then
linear equation
edition (of a book etc) / edition number
sequence; order / (literary) to arrange (books) in serial order
second son
many times / on more than one occasion
defective goods
in turn / by turns / lap / turn / round / classifier for laps, turns, rounds
train or coach service ("service" as in "they run 12 services per day between the two cities")
position in a ranking of names / place / rank
square (i.e. x times x)
lit. twice then three times (idiom); fig. repeatedly / over and over again
subcontinent (e.g. the Indian subcontinent)
inferior goods / substandard products
row upon row
Rickettsia (genus of intracellular parasitic bacteria)
one watch (i.e. two-hour period during night)
in the proper order / the following
quadric surface (geometry)
(literary) hurried / rash
middle heavyweight (boxing etc)
each (item in sequence) / successive
quadratic function
cube (third power, math.)
dimension (loanword, from Japanese)
layered; structured; made up of distinct parts
second-class; second-rate
first / first time / once / (math.) linear (of degree one)
to arrange things in sequence / sequence in which things are arranged
Yuci district of Jinzhong city 晉中市|晋中市, Shanxi
Anci district of Langfang city 廊坊市, Hebei
Sea of Okhotsk
infrasonic wave
substandard products / defective / seconds
quadratic curve (geometry) / conic
air or sea voyage (seen as an individual, countable item) / flight / voyage / CL: 個|个
the important and the less important / primary and secondary
linear function (math.)
several times
second daughter
this; the present (meeting etc) / this time; this once
extremely poor but not destitute
place (in numbered sequence) / degree on employment scale
gradually / one after another / little by little
secondary growth of forest
undersecretary / secondary official
in sequence / in the proper order / one by one / in turn
once; on one occasion
cube (third power, math.)
higher degree (e.g. equation in math.)
instance of administering a dose of vaccine / number of vaccinations
reply to a poem in the same rhyme
two-dimensional / the fictional worlds of anime, comics and games
quadratic equation
(raised to the) nth power
World War Two

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