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lever / pry bar / crowbar / financial leverage
  *槓* | 槓* | *槓
thick pole / bar / rod / thick line / to mark with a thick line / to sharpen (knife) / (old) coffin-bearing pole
to get into a dispute with
oblique bar / slash (computing)
to bicker / to argue for the sake of arguing / to carry on poles (together with sb else) / to carry a coffin on poles
(finance) leverage / gearing
(Tw) to lose one's shirt (gambling) / to meet with failure / (from Taiwanese 摃龜, Tai-lo pr. [kòng-ku])
bar / bold line / horizontal bar (gymnastics event)
parallel bars (gymnastics event)
thick bar / solid carrying pole
car bumper
extortion by taking advantage of sb's weakness
bar / horizontal bar
financial leverage / leveraging (i.e. buying shares on borrowed funds)
uneven bars (gymnastics)
(old) chief coffin bearer / (fig.) argumentative person / a kind of bread made with a dough flattened using a rolling pin 槓子|杠子
trapeze (gymnastics)
pole carrier / coffin-bearer
to sharpen a knife (or razor etc)
to shake / to rock
deleveraging (i.e. paying off part of a leverage loan)

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