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core / nucleus
to examine / to check up on / to assess / to review / appraisal / review / evaluation
to audit / to investigate thoroughly
  *核* | 核* | *核
pit / stone / nucleus / nuclear / to examine / to check / to verify
to authorize / to investigate then ratify
to check
to verify / to check
to audit and determine / to check and ratify / to appraise and decide / determination / on a deemed basis (taxation) / to deem
to check / to verify / to audit / to examine
nuclear nations
nuclear engineering
to audit / to verify / to examine / auditing
walnut / CL: 個|个,
nuclear weapon states
nuclear energy
hardcore / hard core
to audit and write off
to examine / to inspect
to review / to reexamine / review
kernel (computer science)
nuclear power
nuclear power plant
nuclear medicine
to calculate / accounting
nuclear power plant
  *覈* | 覈* | *覈
variant of / to investigate
nuclear / nucleus
nucleic acid / RNA or DNA
heavy nucleus
Fourth Nuclear Power Plant near New Taipei City 新北市, Taiwan / also called Lungmen Nuclear Power Plant
nuclear structure
nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR)
to investigate / investigation / fact-checking
nuclear incident
nuclear model
nuclear column
nuclear technology
nuclear reentry vehicle / nuclear warhead
riboflavin (vitamin B2)
nuclear power generation
nuclear warhead
nuclear physics
walnut kernel
nucleoid (of prokaryotic cell)
nuclear negotiations
to check / to examine / to inspect
to reconsider / to reexamine / to review (e.g. a report prior to accepting it)
nuclear radiation
dual core (computing)
nuclear weapon
nuclear industry
pit (stone of a fruit)
nuclear power
tuberculosis / consumption / nodule
nuclear warfare
nuclear explosion
nuclear facility / nuclear installation
nuclear weapons reduction (abbr. for 裁減核武器|裁减核武器) / disarmament
nuclear test
nuclear deterrent
tuberculosis / TB
nuclear fusion
nuclear reactor
nuclear propulsion
nuclear potential
nucleolus (within nucleus of cell)
nuclear transformation / nuclear transmutation
nuclear deformation
core of the earth (geology)
apple core
core / pellet / central bulge / caryosphere (biology)
a nuclear test
nuclear strength / nuclear might
monocyte / mononuclear cell
nuclear reaction
nuclear missile
the nuclear problem
tubercule bacillus
nuclear weapons test
(TCM) plum-pit qi, a feeling of a lump in the throat (globus pharyngis) or of stagnant phlegm
tubercle bacillus
nuclear deterrence
tuberculosis, TB
weld nugget
atomic fission / nuclear fission / fission
nuclear proliferation
nuclear nonproliferation
a nuclear power (country)
nuclear winter
to reject (a patent application etc)
seeds of litchi or lychee (in TCM)
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