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  *核* | 核* | *核
pit / stone / nucleus / nuclear / to examine / to check / to verify
core / nucleus
to audit / to investigate thoroughly
to authorize / to investigate then ratify
to verify / to check
to audit and determine / to check and ratify / to appraise and decide / determination / on a deemed basis (taxation) / to deem
to audit / to verify / to examine / auditing
to audit and write off
to check / to verify / to audit / to examine
to examine / to check up on / to assess / to review / appraisal / review / evaluation
to check
walnut / CL: 個|个,
nuclear energy
nuclear power
to review / to reexamine / review
to calculate / accounting
nuclear propulsion
nuclear model
nuclear power generation
nuclear technology
nuclear physics
nucleic acid / RNA or DNA
to examine / to inspect
Fourth Nuclear Power Plant near New Taipei City 新北市, Taiwan / also called Lungmen Nuclear Power Plant
dual core (computing)
kernel (computer science)
nuclear / nucleus
nuclear radiation
to reconsider / to reexamine / to review (e.g. a report prior to accepting it)
nuclear power plant
nuclear power plant
nuclear facility / nuclear installation
apple core
nuclear power
nuclear strength / nuclear might
nuclear deformation
tuberculosis / TB
nuclear warhead
to reject (a patent application etc)
nuclear warfare
nuclear column
hardcore / hard core
riboflavin (vitamin B2)
nuclear reentry vehicle / nuclear warhead
nuclear medicine
nuclear negotiations
  *覈* | 覈* | *覈
variant of / to investigate
nuclear reactor
tuberculosis / consumption / nodule
nucleolus (within nucleus of cell)
nuclear explosion
nuclear disarmament
tuberculosis, TB
karyotype (genetics)
nuclear defense / anti-nuclear (installation)
core of the earth (geology)
core / pellet / central bulge / caryosphere (biology)
nuclear test
to investigate / investigation / fact-checking
nuclear industry
monocyte / mononuclear cell
nuclear missile
atomic fission / nuclear fission / fission
pit (stone of a fruit)
nuclear fission
nuclear incident
nucleoid (of prokaryotic cell)
nuclear counter strike
nuclear transformation / nuclear transmutation
nuclear threshold
nuclear weapons reduction (abbr. of 裁减核武器) / disarmament
to renounce nuclear weapons
nuclear nonproliferation
seeds of litchi or lychee (in TCM)
the nuclear problem
nuclear winter
nuclear weapons test
nuclear fusion
nuclear test site
nuclear reaction
to check / to examine / to inspect
tubercle bacillus
nuclear waste
nuclear weapon
tubercule bacillus
Korean nuclear problem
nuclear weapon
tactical nuclear weapons
weld nugget
nuclear proliferation
nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR)
nuclear-powered aircraft carrier

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