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structure / composition / makeup / architecture / CL: , 個|个
to constitute / to form / to compose / to make up / to configure (computing)
mechanism / structure / organization / agency / institution / CL:
to design / to plot / to plan out / to compose / to draw a mental sketch / conception / plan / idea / composition
to construct / to build / infrastructure / architecture / framework
to construct (often sth abstract, such as good relations) / to set up / to develop / construction (abstract) / architecture
(art) composition
  *構* | 構* | *構
to construct / to form / to make up / to compose / literary composition / paper mulberry (Broussonetia papyrifera)
structure / composition / tectonic (geology) / CL: 個|个
financial institution / banking institution
to make up / fabrication / fictional / imaginary
to deconstruct
research organization
structural / structured
to conceive / concept
structural formula (chemistry)
commercial organization
to build / to construct
member / component / part
product mix
network infrastructure
educational organization
political organization
crystal structure
recruiting agency
transmission mechanism
isomeric (chemistry)
  *搆* | 搆* | *搆
variant of 構|构 / (Tw) (coll.) variant of 夠|够 / to reach by stretching
to frame / to bring false charges against
military institution
to construct (sth abstract)
specialized agency
isomorphism / isomorphic
structural theory (physics)
composite word
structure / (spatial) configuration / arrangement / (chemistry) configuration (molecular, electron etc)
nuclear structure
physical composition
isomer (chemistry)
tectonic movement / movement of earth's crust
International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA)
client server architecture
relief agency / emergency service / rescue organisation
plate tectonics
to reconstruct / reconstruction / (computing) refactoring
building envelope
notional diagram (i.e. made-up picture or artist's impression for news story)
seven layer architecture (OSI)
Zhao Gou, personal name of the tenth Song Emperor Gaozong 高宗
tunnel boring machine
distributed architecture
isomer (chemistry)
earthquake-resistant construction
think tank / brain trust
morphology (linguistics)
algebraic structure
subject-predicate construction
stereoisomerism (chemistry)
Palestinian National Authority
ring configuration
stereoisomer (chemistry)
enantiomeric isomer (chemistry)
isomerism (chemistry)
enantiomeric isomerism (chemistry)
facing a wall, an imaginary construction (idiom); baseless fabrication
verbal construction (clause)
China Atomic Energy Agency (CAEA)
structural particle, such as , , and
Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) / also written 經濟合作與發展組織|经济合作与发展组织
International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC)
constructivist theory
pile trestle
quasi-stationary spiral structure QSSS (astrophysics)
topological structure
morphological structure
morphological awareness

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