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  *朝* | 朝* | *朝
imperial or royal court / government / dynasty / reign of a sovereign or emperor / court or assembly held by a sovereign or emperor / to make a pilgrimage to / facing / towards
  *朝* | 朝* | *朝
dynasty / reign (of a king)
  *朝* | 朝* | *朝
abbr. for 朝鮮|朝鲜 Korea
to make a pilgrimage
North Korea / Korea as geographic term / Taiwan pr. [Chao2 xian1]
Chaoyang district in east and northeast Beijing, a county level district of Beijing municipality / Chaoyang prefecture-level city in Liaoning province 遼寧省|辽宁省 in northeast China / Chaoyang district of Changchun city 長春市|长春市, Jilin / Chaoyang county in Chaoyang 朝陽|朝阳, Liaoning
to be exposed to the sun / in a position facing the sun
the morning sun
toward / to face / to open onto / to turn towards / orientation / exposure / Qibla (Islam)
vitality / dynamism
Tang dynasty (618-907)
Northern and Southern dynasties (420-589)
Ch'ing or Qing dynasty (1644-1911)
(literary) tomorrow (morning)
Ming Dynasty (1368-1644)
tomorrow morning / the following morning
full of youthful energy (idiom); vigorous / energetic / a bright spark
Asahi (Japanese place name, company name etc)
morning sun
facing forwards
to spend all one's time together (idiom)
four legs facing the sky (idiom); flat on one's back
Chaoyang inner district of Beijing / Chaoyang district, Changchun city, Jilin
backwards / facing back
Song Dynasty (960-1279) / also Song of Southern dynasties 南朝宋 (420-479)
court / imperial household / dynasty
to yearn for sth day and night (idiom)
Celestial Empire, tributary title conferred on imperial China / Taiping Heavenly Kingdom
Liang Dynasty (502-557)
upside down / upturned
all levels of society / the imperial court and the ordinary people
Southern Dynasties (420-589)
North Korea-China
facing / advancing (towards)
US and North Korea
Chaotian district of Guangyuan city 廣元市|广元市, Sichuan
to have an audience with the Emperor / to be presented at court / to look skyward / to look up
variant of 朝廷
court dress in former times
at dawn, not sure of lasting to evening (idiom); precarious state / imminent crisis / living from hand to mouth
abbr. for 朝鮮戰爭|朝鲜战争, Korean War (1950-1953)
Han Dynasty (206 BC-220 AD)
the current imperial dynasty / one's own court
North Korea
Yuan or Mongol dynasty (1279-1368)
"Dawn Blossoms Plucked at Dusk", a collection of autobiographical essays by Lu Xun 魯迅|鲁迅
the imperial court / the government in imperial times
Zhou Dynasty / Western Zhou 西周 (1046-771 BC) and Eastern Zhou 東周|东周 (770-221 BC)
to give audience (of emperor) / retainers' duty to pay respect to sovereign / hajj (Islam)
entrance portal (to a palace) / propylaeum
Jin Dynasty (1115-1234), founded by the Jurchen 女真 people of North China, a precursor of the Mongol Yuan Dynasty
Wei, Jin and North-South dynasties / generic term for historic period 220-589 between Han and Sui
Chaoyang prefecture-level city in Liaoning province 遼寧省|辽宁省 in northeast China
one day / sometime in the future
North and South Korea / bilateral Korean relations
Xia Dynasty (2070-1600 BC)
head down / upside down
at the present / now
sitting (currently serving, e.g. board members)
to worship / to make customary deferences to / a pilgrimage
reception room for officials (in former times)
the previous dynasty
Resist US, help North Korea (1950s slogan)
North and South Korea
Northern Dynasties (386-581)
Sui dynasty (581-617)
chili pepper (Capsicum frutescens var)
Qin Dynasty (221-207 BC)
in full swing (idiom) / (in a) frenzy / buzzing with activity
to transition to a new dynasty
North Korean (person)
Jin Dynasty (265-420)
Shang Dynasty (c. 1600-1046 BC)
Korean ethnic group of Jilin province and northeast China / same as 朝鮮族|朝鲜族
Zhaoge, capital of the Shang dynasty 商朝 / Zhaoge town in Qi county 淇縣|淇县, Hebi 鶴壁|鹤壁, Henan
court beads (derived from Buddhist prayer beads)
from dawn to dusk / all the time
Tudor Dynasty, ruled England 1485-1603
Korean War (1950-1953)
every day (archaic)
sunrise industry
the current dynasty
People's Democratic Republic of Korea (North Korea)
laws and discipline of imperial court
Liang of the Southern dynasties (502-557)
to hold a court audience / to govern from the imperial throne (applies esp. to Empress Dowager or Regent)
Six Dynasties (220-589)
Korean Peninsula
morning rain
to seize every minute (idiom) / to make the best use of one's time
Sino-Korean / China and North Korea
morning and night / all the time
face to the ground, back to the sky
Song of the Southern dynasties (420-479), with capital at Nanjing / also known as Liu Song 劉宋|刘宋
Chosun Ilbo, a South Korean newspaper
Yanbian Korean autonomous prefecture in Jilin province 吉林省 in northeast China, capital Yanji city 延吉市

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