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Mandarin (common language) / Putonghua (common speech of the Chinese language) / ordinary speech
universal / general / widespread / common
to spread extensively / to generalize / widespread / popular / universal / ubiquitous / pervasive
common / ordinary / general / average
  *普* | 普* | *普
general / popular / everywhere / universal
Punjab state of India / Punjab province of Pakistan
popular science / popularization of science / abbr. of 科學普及|科学普及
Sichuanese pidgin (the mix of Standard Mandarin and Sichuanese dialect) / (Tw) surname Trump
Ghosts' festival on 15th day of 7th moon
universal suffrage
(idiom) sunlight shines over all things / drenched in sunlight
Standard and Poor (share index) / abbr. for 標準普爾|标准普尔
Sharp Corporation
proletariat (loanword) / abbr. for 普羅列塔利亞|普罗列塔利亚
common stock
kip (Laotian currency)
census / general survey / general investigation / reconnaissance survey
Simpson (name)
ecumenical / universal
Pula (city in Croatia)
São Tomé and Príncipe
Bridgestone tire company
Jeep (car brand)
Provence (south of France)
Pu'er prefecture level city in Yunnan / county capital of Ning'er Hani and Yi autonomous county 寧洱哈尼族彞族自治縣|宁洱哈尼族彝族自治县
(classification) general / non-specialist
jeep (military vehicle) (loanword)
Standard and Poor's (S&P), company specializing in financial market ratings / S&P financial index
examination for lower levels of Taiwan government service (short for 普通考試|普通考试)
psi (Greek letter Ψψ)
Hong Kong pidgin (a mix of Standard Mandarin and Cantonese)
Epson, Japanese electronics company
Princeton, New Jersey
Samantabhadra, the Buddhist Lord of Truth
Thompson (name)
Cyprus (Tw)
local train / ordinary vehicle
Cape Town (city in South Africa)
Phuket (city in Thailand)
Puan county in Qianxinan Buyei and Miao autonomous prefecture 黔西南州, Guizhou
Pilates (physical fitness system)
ubiquity / universality
Lapland (northern Europe)
common questions / general questions
(of the sunlight) to bathe all things / to shine gloriously
Prada (brand)
ordinary / mediocre / nothing special
Purdue University
Pulitzer Prize (Tw)
Guangdong pidgin (a mix of Standard Mandarin and Cantonese)
Dopod (company name)
Max Planck (1858-1947), German physicist
ordinary person / private citizen / people / the person in the street
Puge county in Liangshan Yi autonomous prefecture 涼山彞族自治州|凉山彝族自治州, south Sichuan
Johns Hopkins University
Split (city in Croatia)
Phelps (name) / Michael Phelps (1985-), US swimmer and multiple Olympic gold medallist
Burang county in Ngari prefecture, Tibet, Tibetan: Spu hreng rdzong
Putuo district of Zhoushan city 舟山市, Zhejiang
proletariat / abbr. for 普羅列塔利亞|普罗列塔利亚 plus masses / also written 無產階級|无产阶级 in PRC Marxist theory
psi (Greek letter Ψψ)
Princeton University
Antwerp (city in Belgium)
Price (name)
to promote knowledge of laws / rights awareness
pop art (loanword) (Tw)
ordinary people / the masses
generalization (logic)
general middle school
Pierre Simon Laplace (1749-1827), French mathematician
Putuo district, central Shanghai / Putuo district of Zhoushan city 舟山市, Zhejiang
everybody celebrating together / universal celebration / universal rejoicing
Hewlett-Packard / HP
Prussia (historical German state)
Alexandr Sergeevich Pushkin (1799-1837), great Russian romantic poet
Marcel Proust (1871-1922), French author
Southampton, town in south England
Samantabhadra, the Buddhist Lord of Truth
Providence, capital of Rhode Island
common law
Puning county level city in Jieyang 揭陽|揭阳, Guangdong
throughout the world
precipitation over a large area / widespread rain
The Simpsons (US TV series)
(Tw) Donald Trump (1946-), American business magnate, US president 2017-
Nikolai Mikhailovich Przevalski 普爾熱瓦爾斯基|普尔热瓦尔斯基 (1839-1888), Russian explorer who made four expeditions to Central Asian from 1870
Preston, city in England
(hist.) title of the Tibetan Tufan ruler
Praia, capital of Cape Verde
Pu'er prefecture level city in Yunnan / county capital of Ning'er Hani and Yi autonomous county 寧洱哈尼族彞族自治縣|宁洱哈尼族彝族自治县
(Buddhism) to deliver all living creatures from suffering (idiom)
Nanputuo Temple in Xiamen 廈門|厦门
Christian Johann Doppler, Austrian physicist who discovered the Doppler effect

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