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dusk / evening / nightfall
  *昏* | 昏* | *昏
muddle-headed / twilight / to faint / to lose consciousness
to lose consciousness / to be in a coma / stupor / coma / stunned / disoriented
to faint
sleep / drowse when unconscious / lethargic sleep / lethargy
drowsy / sleepy (idiom)
to lose one's head / to be out of one's mind / to be dazed
morning and twilight / day and night
fig. romantic relationship between an elderly couple / falling in love in the autumn of one's life
murky / dazed / befuddled / dizzy
incapable ruler
dizzy / giddy / one's head spins
giddy / one's head spins
to faint
lit. to be muddled in the brain (idiom); fig. excited and unable to act rationally / to go to one's head
lit. dark sky and black earth (idiom) / fig. pitch dark / to black out / disorderly / troubled times
to faint
dazed / confused / fuddled
to faint from fear / to be frightened into fits / shell-shocked
to remain unconscious
  *昬* | 昬* | *昬
old variant of
to faint with blurred vision (idiom); dizzy and eyes dimmed
dim (eyesight) / blurred (vision)
(idiom) dazed / dizzy
to lose one's head through material greed (idiom)
confused / dizzy / fainting
blurred vision of an old person (idiom)
to be overcome by the heat
to knock out (of a jolt from an earthquake or crash)
lit. to be muddled in the brain (idiom); fig. excited and unable to act rationally / to go to one's head
to lose one's head over lust / sex-crazy (idiom)
to be dizzy and see stars
seeing to bed in the evening and visiting in the morning (ancient filial duty)
fainting and giddy / one's head spins
head spinning and blurred vision / giddy / in a faint
dizzying / it makes one's head spin
head spinning and eyes dark (idiom); dizzy / fainting / vertigo
to be in a state of delirium
morning and evening visits to parents / cf 昏定晨省
sleeping sickness / African trypanosomiasis / see also 非洲錐蟲病|非洲锥虫病

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