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to rotate / to revolve / to spin / to whirl
spiral / helix / screw
  *旋* | 旋* | *旋
to revolve / a loop / a circle
  *旋* | 旋* | *旋
to whirl / immediately / variant of 鏇|镟
whirlwind / tornado
melody / rhythm
to return in triumph / to return victorious
to turn around / maneuvering room / leeway
eddy / vortex
rotating platform / luggage carousel
rotation / rotary motion
knob (e.g. handle or radio button)
to spiral / to circle / to go around / to hover / to orbit
merry-go-round / carousel / Carousel, South Korean TV soap opera
triumphal arch
soon after / shortly
spiral / whirlpool / eddy / vortex
to rotate about an axis / axis of rotation (math.)
axis of rotation
Spirochaetes, phylum of extremophile bacteria / spiral-shaped bacterium, e.g. causing syphilis
Black Whirlwind, nickname of 李逵, known for his fearsome behavior in combat and his dark complexion
pronator teres muscle (below the elbow)
rotor wing
döner kebab
spiral arm
Turkish döner kebab
turning force / torque
rotating flow
to curl up / to wind around
(sport) backspin
whirling dance
to mediate (a conflict etc)
the sky spins, the earth goes round (idiom); giddy with one's head spinning / fig. huge changes in the world
to cycle around / cyclotron / slalom
to spiral
spiral algae / spirulina (dietary supplement)
Helicobacter pylori (stomach bacterium)
angle of rotation
rotation of plane of polarization of light
to revolve
torsor (math)
whirlwind somersault (in gymnastics or martial arts)
spinor (math)
spin ball
Convolvulaceae, herbaceous plant family
Helicobacter pylori (stomach bacterium)
fusilli (pasta)
theme or subject (music)
to cycle
Youxuan, a kind of a pastry
rotor / turbine
lit. overturning heaven and earth (idiom); earth-shattering / a radical change
to turn on one's heel / in the twinkle of an eye / instantly
fusilli (corkscrew shaped pasta)
hair whorl
to mix with others / to socialize / to deal with / to contend
(botany) convolvulvus / Flos Inulae (Chinese herb)
screw jack
to return home
rotational angular velocity
barred spiral galaxy
leeway / latitude / room for freedom of action
a surface of revolution (math)
trouble is never far away (idiom)
winding number
lit. windy and circuitous / difficult (idiom)
spiral surface
pole of rotation
whirlwind kick (martial arts)
spiral galaxy
(bird species of China) Eurasian treecreeper (Certhia familiaris)
erhua variant of 打旋
spiral nebula
canoe-kayak slalom
spiral stairs / winding stairs (gymnastic equipment)
(bird species of China) wallcreeper (Tichodroma muraria)
Borrelia, genus of Spirochaete bacteria
Borrelia, genus of Spirochaete bacteria
luggage conveyor belt / carousel
circumpolar vortex
quasi-stationary spiral structure QSSS (astrophysics)
(bird species of China) Sikkim treecreeper (Certhia discolor)
cyclotron (particle accelerator)
rotor sluice gate
wood turning / woodwork lathe
large metal plate for making bean curd / metal pot for warming wine
(bird species of China) rusty-flanked treecreeper (Certhia nipalensis)
(golf, tennis) undercut
(bird species of China) Hume's treecreeper (Certhia manipurensis)
(bird species of China) Sichuan treecreeper (Certhia tianquanensis)

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