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to reject / to exclude / to eliminate / to remove / to repel
  *斥* | 斥* | *斥
to blame / to reprove / to reprimand / to expel / to oust / to reconnoiter / (of territory) to expand / saline marsh
to refute / to debunk / to deny / to denounce
to angrily rebuke / to indignantly denounce
to reprimand / to rebuke / to berate / stern criticism
to be full of / to flood / to congest
to spend / to allocate funds
to berate / to excoriate / to chide / also written 喝斥
to lash out / to reprimand
mutual repulsion (e.g. electrostatic) / to repel one another
to criticize harshly / to denounce / to attack viciously
to denounce / to censure / to rebuke
to berate / to excoriate / to chide / also written 呵斥
mutually exclusive
to scold
to rebuke / to blame / to denounce
to chide / to berate / energetic
to demote / to denounce
to reject
to dismiss (from a post) / to expel from school / to order away (servants etc)
to reconnoiter / to scout / scout
like polarities repel each other / (fig.) like repels like
to scold / to censure
to reproach sb to his face
accuse and criticize
to reject / to dismiss
saline marsh / salt
repulsion (in electrostatics) / repulsive force
repulsion / repulsive force (physics)
variant of 呵斥
to rebuke / to scold
(literary) to censure / to rebuke
repulsion / repulsive force (physics)
full of vim

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