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to arrange / to tidy up / to sort out / to straighten out / to list systematically / to collate (data, files) / to pack (luggage)
to adjust / adjustment / revision / CL: 個|个
orderly / neat / even / tidy
whole entity / entire body / synthesis / as a whole (situation, construction, team etc) / global / macrocosm / integral / holistic / whole
whole / entire / total
complete / intact
to tidy up / to reorganize / to consolidate / to rectify
smooth / level / to level off / to flatten (remove bumps)
fine work / carefully and neatly done
rectifier (transforming alternating electric current to direct current)
entire set
to rectify (alternating current to direct current)
to restore a damaged or aging structure / to renovate
plastic surgery
neat and tidy
to equip / to fit out / to get ready (for a journey) / to arrange (clothes) to be ready
time of day exactly on the hour (i.e. 12:00, 1:00 etc) / to make an inventory / (math.) point that has integer coordinates
to conform / to integrate
all day long / the whole day
according to a pattern / regular / orderly / structured / neat and tidy
to get ready (for a journey) / ready and waiting
to repair / to refurbish / to renovate / to refit / to mend / to rebuild
(computing) integer
the whole night / all through the night
to break up the whole into pieces (idiom); dealing with things one by one / divide and conquer
to divide exactly without remainder (in integer arithmetic)
all day long / whole day
  *整* | 整* | *整
exactly / in good order / whole / complete / entire / in order / orderly / to repair / to mend / to renovate / (coll.) to fix sb / to give sb a hard time / to mess with sb
whole / full
to be calm and unruffled in the midst of chaos or at a busy time (idiom)
shaping / reshaping / plastic surgery or orthopedics (abbr. of 整形外科)
to bring under control / to regulate / to restore to good condition / (coll.) to fix (a person) / to prepare (a meal etc)
preparedness / to bring sth to a state of readiness
territorial integrity
to drill troops / to build up and train
to prepare the soil (agriculture)
to restructure / to reorganize / to revamp
strict / serious / solemn / dignified / to tidy up / to clean up / to purge / to adjust
neatly / tidy
(of troops) in neat formation / (fig.) orderly
(literary) to put in good order; to make shipshape / (literary) orderly; neat; tidy
to reform / to rectify and improve
neat and well-spaced
to spruce up / to renovate / to tend (a garden) / to groom (one's hair) / to finish (a rough surface) / to trim (a lawn) / to touch up (a photo)
plastic surgery / orthopedics
to be the target of an attack
Rectification or Rectifying incorrect work styles, Maoist slogan / cf Rectification campaign 整風運動|整风运动, army purge of 1942-44 and anti-rightist purge of 1957
Rectification campaign / political purge / cf Mao's 1942-44 campaign at Yanan, and his 1950 and 1957 anti-rightist purges
lit. to reorganize flags and drums (idiom); to regroup after a setback / to prepare for new initiatives / to attempt a comeback
Integrated Services Digital Network; ISDN
month after month, year after year / year in, year out
plastic surgeon
to be adjusted to uniformity (usually of weights and measures) (idiom)
Integrated Service Digital Network / ISDN
integrity / completeness
to collect and organize (papers etc) / to archive (data) / to summarize (evidence etc) / summary
to rest and reorganize (military)
abbr. for 微整形
non-surgical cosmetic procedure (injection of Botox, hyaluronic acid etc)
to prank
to merge; to consolidate / consolidation
the whole world
integer multiple
integral domain (abstract algebra)
same as 整裝|整装 / to get ready (for a journey)
meticulous; painstaking
whole number / integer (math.) / round figure
integral multiple
set of integers (math.)
entire / whole (fish, road etc)
integral domain (abstract algebra)
to tune (a musical instrument) / to regulate the sound
(math.) factor; exact divisor
to dress (troops) / to line up (to arrange in a straight line)
(electricity) bridge rectifier
positive integer
BCD / Buoyancy Compensation Device (diving)
BCD / Buoyancy Compensation Device (diving)
lit. don't tie your shoelaces in a melon patch, and don't adjust your hat under a plum tree (idiom) / fig. don't do anything that might arouse suspicion / innocent acts may be misconstrued
defragmentation (computing)
steam reforming (chemistry)
negative integer
Order of Augustinian Recollects, a mendicant Catholic religious order of friars and nuns
irregular; disordered

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