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  *救* | 救* | *救
to save / to assist / to rescue
ambulance / CL: 輛|辆
  *捄* | 捄* | *捄
variant of
to rescue
emergency relief / to help the needy with cash or goods
to remedy
to save / to remedy / to rescue
to save / to rescue
first aid / emergency treatment
to save / to support / to help / to assist
to rescue
savior / liberator / emancipator / knight in shining armor
(one's) last straw to clutch at / one's last hope
to relieve disaster / to help disaster victims
to save sb's life / (interj.) Help! / Save me!
to help sb in trouble / aid / assistance
to be saved
firefighting / to extinguish a fire and save life and property / to dive (of goalkeeper in soccer)
to cry for help
to save the nation
to put out a fire / firefighting
to rescue / to administer first aid
to rescue / to help out of difficulties / to save the situation
to rescue / to be rescued
to save a life / life-saving
life buoy / life belt / (jocularly) flab / spare tire
hopeless / incurable
to call for help
market rescue (by central bank)
to bring back to life
search and rescue
to provide critical care (to a patient or a diseased plant)
life jacket / life vest
administrative remedy
to save (a soul) / redemption
to rescue / rescue (operation, workers)
to rescue / to pluck from danger
lit. to besiege and rescue 趙|赵 (idiom) / fig. to relieve a besieged ally by attacking the home base of the besiegers
(of sb who ostensibly collaborated with the Japanese during the Sino-Japanese war of 1937-1945) to secretly work for the Nationalists or against the Communists
to rescue
Salvation Army (protestant philanthropic organization founded in London in 1865)
to save from extinction / to save the nation
the Savior (in Christianity)
to save the show (for instance by stepping in for an absent actor)
incurable / incorrigible / beyond cure / hopeless
search and rescue dog
rescue team
first-aid kit
to treat the disease to save the patient / to criticize a person in order to help him
lit. no antidote is possible (idiom); incurable / incorrigible / beyond redemption
rescue team / CL:
heroic rescue of a damsel in distress
rescue worker
to help the dying and heal the injured
saving a life is more meritorious than building a seven-floor pagoda (idiom)
incurable / no way of curing / hopeless
to provide relief during times of emergency and disaster (idiom)
humanitarian aid
lit. to carry firewood to put out a fire (idiom); fig. to make a problem worse by inappropriate action
to abandon self for others (idiom); to sacrifice oneself to help the people / altruism
a life raft
emergency desk / first aid office
relief grain / emergency provisions
to come to the aid of / to save / to rescue from danger / to relieve
disaster relief funds
antichemical rescue
self-help (idiom)
the Save the Nation Anti-Japanese Protest Movement stemming from the Manchurian railway incident of 18th July 1931 九一八事變|九一八事变
plan of salvation
to remedy defects and correct errors (idiom); to rectify past mistakes
sea rescue service / lifeboat service
help the starving but not the poor (idiom)
State Council Earthquake Relief Headquarters
the show must go on (idiom)
to rescue a child / Save the Children, a British charity
to jump into a well to rescue sb else (idiom); fig. to help others at the risk to oneself
Save the Nation anti-Japanese organization
boat deck (upper deck on which lifeboats are stored)
emergency aid committee (of PRC Ministry of Civil Affairs 民政部)
add firewood to put out the flames (idiom); fig. ill-advised action that only makes the problem worse / to add fuel to the fire
water in a distant place is of little use in putting out a fire right here / (fig.) a slow remedy does not address the current emergency
Saving Private Ryan (1998 movie)

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