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old practice / CL: 個|个
narrative / story / tale
  *故* | 故* | *故
happening / instance / reason / cause / intentional / former / old / friend / therefore / hence / (of people) to die, dead
malfunction / breakdown / defect / shortcoming / fault / failure / impediment / error / bug (in software)
accident / CL: 樁|桩, ,
deliberately / on purpose
home / homeland / native place / CL: 個|个
classical story or quote from the literature
the Forbidden City / abbr. for 故宮博物院|故宫博物院
former imperial palace
reason / cause
Palace Museum, in the Forbidden City, Beijing / National Palace Museum, Taipei
ghost story
fault resolution / trouble clearing
former residence
without cause or reason
the late / deceased
historical or literary anecdote that gives rise to a saying
fairy tale
... hence the name (used at the end of a sentence)
fictional film / feature film
one's old self / one's original self / what one has always been
that's why it is called...
no cause, no reason (idiom); completely uncalled for
to die
mythological story / myth
to pretend / to feign
folk story / folktale
an unforeseen event / accident / misfortune
old friend / the deceased
former residence
technical breakdown / malfunction
to review the old and know the new (idiom, from the Analects) / to recall the past to understand the future
variant of 緣故|缘故
native country / one's homeland
worldly wisdom / the ways of the world / to know how to get on in the world
the ways of the world
sophisticated / worldly-wise
In order to capture, one must let loose. / to loosen the reins only to grasp them better
as before / as usual / (to be) like old friends
hometown / native place
to die of an illness
familiarity at first sight
old city
deliberately mystifying / to make sth unnecessarily complicated
deliberate violation (idiom); intentional crime
a close friend over many years
to ask a question, already knowing the answer
anecdote / tales (esp. about historical figure)
to be one's old self (idiom) / to be unchanged / (derog.) to be stuck in one's ways
country with an ancient history
to die / to pass away
old friend / deceased friend
former capital / ancient capital
to die / death
to find an excuse
old friends
stuck in the old ways (idiom); refusing to acknowledge new ideas / stagnating and conservative
to leave one's homeland
old road / old way / old course (of a river)
meeting an old friend in a foreign place (idiom)
what for? / what's the reason?
to revert to old ways
former acquaintance / old friend
to review the old and know the new (idiom, from the Analects) / to recall the past to understand the future
back to where we were (idiom); absolutely no improvement / Things haven't changed at all.
to die / to pass away
old estate / former empire / former occupation
old site / site of sth (palace, ancient state etc) that no longer exists
former home
to put on an act
Mao: The Unknown Story by Jung Chang 張戎|张戎 and Jon Halliday
to find a pretext for refusing
one's hometown
Gucheng county in Hengshui 衡水, Hebei
once familiar places / former haunts
lit. neither a relative nor a friend (idiom) / fig. unrelated to one another in any way
to repeat an old stratagem / up to one's old tricks
old friend / correct interpretation
accident occurring due to negligence
premeditated murder
to return home with honor
a shipwreck / a sinking
to go through the motions
old classics / old customs / cause
to play the profound thinker
to discard the old and introduce the new (idiom); to innovate
old friend / former acquaintance
old teaching (e.g. religious instruction)
accident causing injury or death
bedtime story
Mukden Palace, aka Shenyang Imperial Palace, the main imperial palace during the early years of the Qing dynasty (1625-1644), a secondary palace in subsequent years, now a museum
without good cause
industrial accident / work-related injury
old tomb
therefore / so / consequently
historical ruins

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